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Lifestyle imagery of man in front of laptop
Lifestyle imagery of man in front of laptop

Alert Center

Real-time security alerts and insights that help you protect your organization from the latest threats, including phishing, malware, and other suspicious activity.

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A single pane of glass for security alerts

Get a comprehensive view of critical security alerts, notification, and actions across all of your Google Workspace users and applications.

Unified view of essential notifications
Security threats and critical system alerts

Quickly take action on security threats

Act in real-time when suspicious activity is detected within your organization, including phishing, malware, spam, and suspicious account activity.

Enriched threat data with VirusTotal

Dig deeper into alerts with the VirusTotal integration, which provides threat relationships, graphs, and geographical and time-spread details.

Integrated remediation with the investigation tool

Actionable alerts

Phishing and malware

Be notified if users open a potential phishing or malware email or if users self-report attacks.

Account activity

Find out when a suspicious login has been blocked and when users have been suspended.

Device activity

Stay on top of suspicious device activity, including jailbroken and rooted devices.


Get notified when there’s an uptick of spam sent to your users, and block specific senders if needed.

Leaked passwords

Automatically detect compromised credentials and require a password reset before the user can sign in again.

Employee spoofing

Be informed when an external sender may be spoofing users with a name that is similar to a user in your organization.

Custom alerts

Easily create custom alerts from audit log events or based on DLP and other security rules.

Exportable alerts

Seamlessly export alerts with our API into your existing tracking system or SIEM.

Top questions about alert center

Is alert center included with all Google Workspace editions?

Yes, alert center is included in all editions of Google Workspace at no additional cost. The VirusTotal integration is included in Google Workspace Business Plus and Enterprise editions. For more details on VirusTotal, please take a look at this Help Center article.

How’s alert center different from other tools?

Alert center provides a simple, comprehensive view of actionable alerts across Google Workspace.

How do I view and take action on alerts?

You can easily view all alerts directly from the Google Admin console and you can also set up email notifications to ensure you never miss an important alert.

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