Google Telephony Services Privacy Disclosure

The Google Privacy Policy applies to (i) Google Voice and (ii) use of Google Meet to perform outbound dialling and accept inbound calls ('Google Meet Telephony') (and for the purposes of this Google Telephony Services Privacy Disclosure, Google Voice and Google Meet Telephony are collectively referred to as 'Google Telephony Services'). This Google Telephony Services Privacy Disclosure (the 'Disclosure') provides additional explanation about the information collected when you (an 'End User') use the Google Telephony Services, and our use and sharing of that information. Please read it, and the Google Privacy Policy, carefully.

This Disclosure applies to the Google Telephony Services as offered by various Google Telephony Service Providers (each, a 'GTSP') within the Google group. The GTSP that provides Google Telephony Services to you will be determined by the billing address of the customer who ordered the services (the 'Customer') and your location. GTSPs also use Google Affiliates and non-Google third-party providers ('Telephony Providers') to provide the Google Telephony Services. All GTSPs (referred to as 'we' in this Disclosure) and Telephony Providers are listed at, (i) for Google Voice,; and (ii) for Google Meet Telephony, Each entity is subject to the law of its country of incorporation.

Additional information that we collect and use

The Google Privacy Policy explains how we use information that we collect. Additional explanation about how we use information collected by the Google Telephony Service is provided below.

A Google Workspace account is a Google Account created and managed by your domain administrator. Your domain administrator and any resellers who manage your Google Workspace account may be able to access and retain information stored in your account, like your call records, text messages or voicemails. For more information about data controlled by domain administrators, please see the Google Privacy Policy.

When the Customer or an End User submits a request to port an existing telephone number to Google Voice from an End User's existing operator, we will exchange information with the losing operator, including name, address and phone number. We also collect personal information directly from you based on use of the Google Telephony Services. This includes call history (including calling party phone number, called party phone number, location, date, time and duration of call).

We use this personal information to bill the Customer, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including (i) for the provision of local telephone numbers; (ii) to port Customer or End User information to a new service provider; (iii) to support calls to emergency services; and (iv) as described below in 'Information that we share'.

We do not serve ads in the Google Telephony Services or use personal information collected by the Google Telephony Services for marketing or advertising purposes. Location data associated with your use of the Google Telephony Services is used only for the purposes of conveying a communication on an electronic communications network, billing, emergency calls and to comply with applicable law.

Information that we share

  • The Google Privacy Policy explains how we share information that we collect. Additional explanation about how we share information collected by the Google Telephony Services is provided below.

    • • Your personal information might be shared with Telephony Providers as necessary to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the relevant jurisdiction(s) mentioned above, to enable you and other End Users to terminate calls to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and to receive calls from the PSTN, and to enable billing. Caller location information may be provided to authorities handling emergency calls.

    • • We may be required to retain and preserve certain information that we obtain in providing the Google Telephony Services (including call history data) in order to comply with applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental requests.

    • • We may access and disclose End User information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, calling records, communications content, location data, billing information or any other information collected through the Customer's or your use of the Google Telephony Services, as required by law, including to governmental authorities.

    • • If you use Google Voice, your phone number may be displayed to the person whom you've called. You can find out how to block your phone number from being displayed here.

Contact us

If you have questions about management of Google Workspace accounts or use of personal information by your domain, please contact your Google Workspace administrator.

If you have questions about our practices, please visit the Google Workspace Security and Trust Centre, or see the Google Privacy Policy. Also see our Privacy Troubleshooter for more information about privacy and Google's products and services. Google Workspace administrators can contact us about the information in this Disclosure by submitting the contact form while signed in to their administrator account.