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The Google Workspace support team is with you from day one

We all know how frustrating it is to call support, listen to a long automated menu, and then get bounced from one person to another until your issue is finally resolved hours—or maybe even days—later.

That’s why we’ve designed Google Workspace support to be completely different. It’s a multi-layered support system that provides everyone with the support they need—when they need it.

Real experts with real answers

Support team working together

For starters, when you call Google Workspace support, you can expect a real person to pick up the phone. Not an operator reading from a script, but a highly trained professional ready and willing to help you find the answers you need.

Think of us as a global, enterprise-ready extension of your IT department. With 24/7/365 support in 16 languages via phone, email and chat, our goals are the same as yours—to get your problems solved. And we’ve found that the trick to success is to throw away the rulebook and talk like real people.

We make it easy for admins to contact us directly from the Admin console or from any Google Workspace product. And because we believe technology is only as good as the support that comes with it, our support is free from day one. You’ll receive one-on-one domain setup support even before you enter your billing details.

During your free 14-day trial period of Google Workspace, we also provide personalized consultations so you understand everything you can do with Google Workspace. And to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible, our goal is to put you in contact with the same agent any time you call during your trial period.

The Admin console: Expert advice for everyone

Self-service support is often the quickest way to resolve an issue, so we’ve made it extremely easy to find the information you’re most likely to need. The answers to the most common admin questions are embedded right inside your Admin console.

Your powerful Admin tools include:

  • Personalized controls—add organization-specific controls over your domain, users, settings, security, configs and more
  • Customized notifications—receive email alerts when certain domain-specific or issue-related events of interest occur
  • Logs and auditing—easily manage email quarantines, perform email log searches, and audit file sharing

If you don’t find the answers you need in your console, our highly personalized Google Workspace Quick Fixes can get you back to work in no time. If your issue is more complex, we’ve got over 1,500 easy-to-find online help articles in the Google Workspace Administrator Help Center that can guide you through detailed troubleshooting for every aspect of Google Workspace.

Google’s partner network provides customized support

If your company needs support personalized to your business, we recommend teaming up with one of the many trusted partners in our Google Cloud Partner Program. These partners provide excellent customized support because they’re not only experts in Google technology, but may also have specific knowledge of your business and your Google Workspace deployment. Search the Google Cloud Partner Program to find a qualified Google Cloud partner in your area.

We manage and work closely with our partners to make sure they’re always able to give you the best support possible. We start by collaborating with them regularly as we improve our products. Then we make sure they’re the first to learn about new Google technologies, along with innovative ways to implement them for your business. Partners also have access to an advanced Google technical support team and can escalate urgent cases to Google’s engineering team if they need help.

Support team collaborating on a project

We make IT easier

Google Workspace is all about making work easier, and we made sure that includes IT. Your admins can consult with our highly trained support team anytime with just a click or a call. Your powerful Admin console puts extensive controls right at your fingertips. And the Google partner network gives you the inside track to the latest Google technologies and innovations customized for your business. Ready for expert support that’s always there when you need it? It’s time to go Google.

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