Custom functions that output a 2D array from a common range across multiple sheets.
Listing updated:November 29, 2023
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This add-on adds two functions that both output a 2D array containing values from a common range across multiple sheets. The basic function takes sheets based on their name and the advanced function will iterate through numbered sheets at a configurable step, or use regex match to find matching sheets. These functions allow you to reference multiple sheets at once, without having to add them to your formula manually.
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Kaleb Axon
July 17, 2022
This function never recalculates its results after the initial calculation. You have to delete and re-enter it each time you change the cells that it references. Others have reported this issue yet still give it 4 or 5 stars, which I don't understand, since that basically makes it useless. I haven't personally done any add-on development, but there should be a way to tell Google Sheets that the results of this function must be recalculated every time. Unfortunately, even if that were corrected, the add-on would be too slow for any serious use. If you reference an entire column, such as saying DDDREF("Sheet1", "Sheet2", "A:A"), it doesn't optimize for blank rows, so it takes a few seconds to run each time. Imagine that happening every time you enter a value...
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January 30, 2022
A very useful tool, but sometimes I see the message: Error Unknown function: 'DDDREF'. Deleting the formula and ctrl + z didn't help. Sometimes I have to come back to it later to find the extension working.
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Michael Arndt
February 20, 2022
Seems helpful but I get an "exceed max execution" time error when running it on a larger financial sheet. Seems like a great tool. I hope the dev continues work on this.
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A User of 3D Reference
February 6, 2018
Love the add-on. I could be able to sum all the cells across the 3d range with the below formula. =sum(DDDREF("first";"last";"A1")) However, when the values in reference cells change, the DDDREF formula do not update accordingly. I need to delete the formula and ctrl+z to recalculate. It would be great if recalculation is performed. BEst regards,
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