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Make Google Spreadsheets accessible, make tables accessible and make charts accessible for everybody
Listing updated:September 9, 2021
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Currently available functionalities:

Check your Google Spreadsheet documents in terms of Web Accessibility

The following checks are performed:

1) Is the document name descriptive?
2) Is the sheet name descriptive?
3) Has the sheet content?
4) Is the number of tables not too high?
5) Is the table size not too big?
6) Are there separated cells?
7) Are there merged cells?
8) Does each chart has a title?
9) Do all cells with content have a high contrast?
10) Is the font size big enough?

Based on the result of the check, the Google Spreadsheet can be adjusted, to meet all Web Accessibility requirements

Coming soon functionalities:

1) It will be possible to convert the tables and charts of the spreadsheet into HTML format, which can be published

2) Your requested feature :)

3) We are grateful for any feedback and feature requests to improve the functionality of this addon

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