Machine learning powered schedule and route optimization solution for Service & Delivery Management
AceRoute is a comprehensive Field Service Management solution that is powerful yet simple with an intuitive and visually stunning user interface.  

Our route and schedule optimization solution incorporates artificial intelligence and smart decision-making algorithms that enables you to answer fundamental questions of efficient service business: "Who" does "What", "Where", "When"

The app that thinks so you don’t have to! 
Bottom line: Right Person. Right Place. Right Time.

Advanced features - you wonder how you ever lived without them...

1) Route & Schedule Optimizer
Multi-day heuristic planner improves profitability, work efficiency and reduces travel-time, wait-time & delay-time by optimizing plan for cost, proximity, order status, resource availability, vacation time, and customer needs

2) Smart Scheduler
Smart decision-making scheduler recommends list of optimal time slots while balancing multiple constraints to increase call closures, ensure SLA compliance, improve customer service and reduce operational cost

3) Proactive Exception Finder
Maximize productivity by enabling dispatchers to actually solve schedule problems rather than spending time to look for them. Exceptions finder proactively reviews plan and provides a list that does not meet resource constraints or customer needs

4) Real-Time Pulse Board
Solve issues before they actually happen! Late Finder engine let’s you know which jobs might be tardy before they actually get late. No more phone calls to understand what is going on. GPS-Aware board tells you - "Who", "What", "Where", "When"

5) Intelligent Dispatch Board
Keep eye on the ball! Unique metrics-driven dashboard couples planning calendar, gantt-chart and map with decision support analytical engine to proactively surface work efficiency and exceptions

6) Mobile Dispatch & GPS Tracking
Cut paper hassles. Get schedules, take notes, audio memos, photos, signatures, change job status, manage parts/services rendered, integrated SMS, navigation, and more right in the field!

7) GPS-Aware Timecard
One-click time card on mobile phone eliminates time card errors and validates the worker’s location at clock-in and clock-out time. When the GPS stamped "when" & "where" is correct, you spend less time and effort approving

8) GPS-Aware Job Audit
Improve job punctuality, customer service and accurate billing. GPS tracking engine creates connection between planned orders, route, actual geo-locations of worker by providing "When" & "Where" job performance/deviation reports

9) Classic Features to Help Your Business Grow
Address Geocoding & Validation.  Advanced Search.  Integrated Map & Directions.  Map Filters.  Reporting.  Invoicing.   Recurring & One-Time Orders.  Work Order Management.  Assign Single or Multiple Workers.   Unassigned & Unscheduled Order Management.  Track Parts/Services Rendered.   Drag & Drop Scheduling.   Order Audit Trail.  Worker Availability & Vacation Management.   Calendar Views: Day/Week/List/Worker/Bimonthly.   Multi-Location & Multi-Admin Support.   Customer Records Management.  Secure, Reliable, Scalable - Powered by Google App Engine

Get Mobile Dispatch & GPS Tracking Android App:
For your field workers. Cut paper hassles. Get schedules, take notes, audio memos, photos, signatures, change job status, manage parts/services rendered, integrated SMS, navigation, and more - right in the field!

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