The AI email writer, powered by ChatGPT in Gmail™. 🚀 💌 Increase productivity by using an AI virtual assistant to write emails for you. Write emails in seconds.
Listing updated:June 16, 2023
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The AI Email Writer is an email writing app powered by ChatGPT. It generates AI draft emails based on the context of your previous emails and the prompts you give it. Eliminate 100’s of hours each year writing emails. 

The email generator is perfect for busy professionals who want to write emails accurately and quickly. It is great for people who are non-native English speakers who want to write in perfect English. The app also includes advanced features such as translation and summarisation, allowing you to manage your emails more efficiently. An AI virtual assistant becomes the perfect email assistant. 

Spend more time on what matters and less time on emails.

Steps to get started:

1. Download AI Email Writer from the GSuite Marketplace™.
2. Link your email accounts to the app.
3. Allow the app to access your email data for AI reply context.
4. Tell the AI what to reply to your emails and watch it do it in seconds.

Use Cases:

➤ Busy professionals: Save time and increase productivity by quickly replying to emails with accurate and concise responses. For example, a marketing executive can use the app to reply to a client's email requesting a quote by quickly generating a professional and detailed response.

➤ Customer Support: Provide timely and accurate responses to customer inquiries, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The majority of workload for customer support can be written by AI meaning customer support can serve more customers in less time.

➤ Non-native English speakers: Avoid miscommunication and language barriers by using the app's translation feature to reply to emails in perfect English. For example, an international student can use the app to reply to their professor's email with confidence and clarity.

➤ Business Executives: Quickly respond to a high volume of emails with personalised and professional messages, allowing for more time to focus on important business matters.

➤ Executives: Stay on top of your busy schedule by using the app's summarisation feature to quickly get the gist of incoming emails, and tailor your responses with the app's prompts. For example, a CEO can use the app to quickly get a summary of an email from a potential investor and use the app's prompts to tailor a response that addresses all the key points.

➤ Freelancers: Improve communication with clients and respond to their messages in a timely manner, resulting in higher client satisfaction and repeat business. Writing emails for you is easy now.


The app is free to download, and the basic functionality is available at no cost. However, additional premium features are available for a fee.

Main Benefits and Features

- AI-powered natural language processing: ChatGPT uses advanced algorithms to help you compose well-written and accurate responses to your emails.
- Prompt Tailoring: ChatGPT can provide prompts to tailor your response to the tone and context of the email.
- Personalisation: ChatGPT can learn from your email activity and tailor its responses to your writing style, helping you to save time and compose responses more efficiently.

Try ChatGPT today and start managing your emails like a pro.

Help Centre

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Privacy and data security

We want to keep your data secure. You can find out more about how we do that by viewing the privacy policy or contacting us on our website.

We use industry-standard security measures to make sure the data in your calendar remains safe.

AI Email Writer is made by TimeNavi which has one of the highest numbers of downloads on the GSuite Marketplace™ for Google Calendar™ and is one of the most popular Add-Ons.
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