Use AI to Generate & Debug Formulas, Code, and SQL from simple text instructions. ChatGPT for Google Sheets!
Listing updated:February 27, 2023
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Introducing FormulaGenerator.App - the best AI for Google Sheets tool in the market. 

Tired of spending hours trying to figure out the right formulas for your Google Sheets? 

Our Excel Formula Generator for Google Sheets™ is the ultimate solution! Our AI app provides powerful features that make generating formulas and debugging Sheets functions a breeze. You can create Sheets formulas from text descriptions, generate Apps Script or VBA code from instructions, and get clear explanations for complex formulas. Plus, our AnswersBot is available for any questions you may have. 

Here are usage examples - 

1) Generate Excel/Google Sheets Formulas from Text descriptions. This works for even the most complex formulas: from SUM, COUNTIF, AVERAGE, to VLOOKUP, QUERY, REGEX, and more.

2) Debug Google Sheets formulas by getting explanations for complex formulas

3) Get answers to any how-to questions on sheets such as "How to create a pivot table" etc. 

Get started today and make your spreadsheet journey easier and more efficient with Excel Formula Generator for Google Sheets™! Powered by ChatGPT to provide you with the most advanced excel formula bot. 
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