The most powerful AI tool for Google Sheets™ on the planet. Built for true scale. Safe for the enterprise. Unbeatable pricing model.
Listing updated:May 31, 2024
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Spreadsheet Daddy is the most powerful AI tool for Google Sheets™. We come into play for tasks ChatGPT or other AI tools can’t crack - and you just can’t beat our pricing.

It’s not just an add-on - it’s the ultimate AI assistant in Google Sheets™
Get started with 70,000 free characters. Connect your API key for a free 4-day trial without any limitations!

🚀 GPT-4/GPT-4/GPT-4-32K/GPT-4-Turbo Enabled🚀
Get access to cutting-edge AI models to solve complex problems other tools can’t crack.

🚀Safe Mode🚀
Enable the Safe Mode to route your requests through a separate, secure API setup for the enterprise.

🚀Unbeatable Pricing🚀
Use our infrastructure to get started and bring your own API key once you begin to scale usage to dramatically slash your costs and pay for OpenAI credits at their actual cost.

🚀Batch Execution at Scale🚀
Need to process hundreds of thousands of cell values? No problem! Spreadsheet Daddy can execute thousands of API calls at scale with just a few clicks through the sidebar.

🚀Supports Cell References🚀
Dynamically link data within cells directly into your AI prompts to build highly customized and scalable solutions for your unique use case. Use as many cell references as you want.

🚀Custom Formulas🚀
Access seven custom functions to access the core features without the need to launch the sidebar.

✅AI Tool: Create and execute AI prompts at scale using cell references.
✅AI Autocomplete: Use AI to generate, modify, or extract text based on user-provided examples.
✅Text Extraction: Scrape and import text from one or multiple URLs based on your prompt.
✅Formula Generator: Generate a custom formula based on your text prompt.
✅Formula Explainer: Translate your formulas into plain language with AI-powered explanations. 
✅Apps Script Generator: Generate Google Apps Script code based on your text prompt.
✅Apps Script Explainer: Translate your formulas into plain language with AI-powered explanations.
✅Regex Generator: Generate a regular expression based on your text prompt.

If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with us at
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AI in Sheets™ .Spreadsheet Daddy | GPT for Sheets™ will need access to your Google account
This will allow AI in Sheets™ .Spreadsheet Daddy | GPT for Sheets™ to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Docs documents
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
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Nick Mitchell
March 13, 2024
I'm very impressed with the polish of this tool. I've used many other OpenAI spreadsheet integrations and also built my own, and Spreadsheet Daddy is the easiest to use, and more importantly, the most reliable and robust AI/Sheets integration I've used to date. It reliably completes even really big jobs with lots of API calls. I would love to see more I models like Claude integrated, and possibly multithreading or offline processing to increase the speed of large jobs. The team is very responsive and helpful and are adding new features quickly, so I'm definitely sticking with them as the grow and build.
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Miranda Gibson
March 12, 2024
Highly recommend this AI tool for Google Sheets. Been using their app to scale up our content production. One thing that I like about Spreadsheet Daddy is their support team is great and shares some feedback and suggestions on making your automation even better. Amazing!
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Daniel Smith
May 6, 2024
This tool is a godsend for doing tasks where you need a spreadsheet and ChatGPT or other tools aren't flexible enough to get the job done. I created and published 10 use case landing pages in under an hour. This would've cost us at least $5k. It's mind-blowing
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Ryan Sheehan
January 12, 2024
I would describe Spreadsheet Daddy as Chatgpt on Excel steroids. You have way more functionality and scalability than all of these AI chatbots. Plus Max´s team are super supportive and take feedback seriously. Plus they give you access to Chatgpt 4 32K!!!!!
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Richard Garvey
December 27, 2023
This app has been amazing! It gets the job done every time chatGPT has me running in circles or it flat out refuses to help. Whatever they did on the backend really works!
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Elaine Kinsella
December 12, 2023
Using spreadsheet daddy helped me do about 2 days work in under an hour - amazing capabilities to automate repetitive tasks and seriously help with analysis!
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