Email Signature Management for G Suite
Listing updated:May 24, 2023
Centralised email signature management 

Design a signature that delivers your brand message and apply it to all signatures in your domain. Identify users that change their signature and automatically correct it. No additional install/plugin needed. Free 14-day trial!

1. Instantly Deployed Across your G Suite Domain 
Ancoris Signatures does not require installation of any plug-ins or additional software. Fully integrated with G Suite, Ancoris Signatures allows you to assign signature templates to your users and gain control of signatures across your domain

2. Centralized Signature Management 
The Ancoris Signatures dashboard provides a centralized place to stay in control of signatures in your domain. Clear indicators show how many users are being controlled, how many have had their template enforced and if users have experienced issues. The dashboard provides a centralized way to stay in control. 

3. Enforced Branding Consistency 
If one of your users changes their GMail Signature, Ancoris Signatures will change it back. It will also identify the user, and help you to prevent it from happening again. 

4. Email Signature as a Marketing tool 
Because Ancoris Signatures makes it so easy to change and control your users’ signatures, you can use them to promote your latest marketing message. You can track click-thru's in your Google Analytics account to check how effective your message is.

5. Quick and Easy! 
Set a standardized email template across your domain in seconds. Your G Suite users are automatically imported, a template gallery is available and signatures can be assigned in just a couple of clicks. 

One more thing: You can auto-assign signatures by Organization Unit (OU) so new users get the right signature with no manual intervention required.
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Ancoris Signatures will need access to your Google account
This will allow Ancoris Signatures to :
See, edit, create, or change your email settings and filters in Gmail
Manage your sensitive mail settings, including who can manage your mail
See and download your contacts
Manage your domain settings
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See info about users on your domain
See your primary Google Account email address
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A User of Ancoris Signatures
May 14, 2012
We were in need of a solution that could allow us to better represent and control our corporate branding across our company and within divisions. Appogee provides a non-complex solution to the problem for a reasonable amount of money. Features we are most pleased with include the finer grained HTML editor (as opposed to a WYSIWYG editor or the even more limited styling provided in Google's mail settings) as well as the ability to delegate admin rights to staff members who are tasked with corporate branding. This does not have to be another task for IT or Google Admin personnel. I wish there were some way within Appogee to control signatures on all devices (e.g. mobile) or clients (some Outlook and Apple Mail holdouts) on our domain but since Appogee modifies Google mail settings enforcement is limited to those using the web client. It's a shortcoming of the service we can deal with for now, and not worth docking it star.
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A User of Ancoris Signatures
March 30, 2012
This app does exactly what it promises. I had considered writing our own application to achieve something similar, however at these prices and ease of integration it was a no brainer. Give yourself a break and have your problem solved in less than 10 minutes.
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A User of Ancoris Signatures
April 20, 2012
Been waiting for Google to come out with something like this for ages and finally stumbled across Appogee - makes my life much easier! Thanks.
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A User of Ancoris Signatures
October 24, 2013
No issues with adding it to my GAFB domain and was up and using it in a matter of minutes. I like the buttons for quick adding social media components. It's very easy to edit signatures, switch between WYSIWYG and HTML and shows the preview live as you make changes. Best standalone signature app currently available in the market place.
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