Train a bot to identify phishing email. Use patterns of past REAL emails to improve detection. Privacy by default SaaS.
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It is increasingly difficult to tell if an email is really from the sender. Business Email Compromise (BEC) incidents happen more often and sender is unaware of their email address being abused. Cybercriminals can mimic key personnel through phishing emails, spoofing legitimate email addresses.

To win this battle, we develop an intelligent bot that helps you to tell if an email is Trusted or Dangerous. With Anti-Phishing Bot, just one click it analyses data and identifies suspicious email patterns. The bot intelligence is depending on past email exchange with same sender, using sender past emails to increase accuracy.

Main Features

1. Identity fake email using pattern matching

2. Able to learn and increase accuracy using past email exchanges

3. One Click to identify fake email

APBot is free for protecting personal mailboxes. For corporate users, we provide paid version, please contact us at
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