Merge spreadsheet data into documents.
Listing updated:September 19, 2023
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Streamline document creation process and eliminate human errors when creating documents manually. Let the add-on work for you while you can focus on more important tasks or go for a coffee.

AnyMerge Docs add-on is a single-click document merge tool which generates documents automatically.

The add-on goes row by row and for each row creates a copy of a template. In the next step, add-on fills in data from a sheet. 

The add-on can insert sheet values as text values, links, images or QR codes. You can even instruct the add-on to shorten links with Bitly.

Finally, the add-on can convert generated document into PDF.

Use the free quota to get familiar with the add-on and to see if it can help you dealing with your repetitive daily tasks.
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Tiffany R
July 30, 2023
I love this app! It makes so many of my work tasks simpler and easier! I would HIGHLY recommend!
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Web Webster
September 22, 2021
tl;wr - Stable, reliable tool. Quit messing with free apps that freeze and pay for something that works every time. I'm really really pleased with AnyMerge. It's the most stable, consistent mail merge/records to multiple documents application I've found in the Marketplace. Those of you who are of a certain age will remember fighting with various applications' mailmerge features (FileMaker Pro anyone?). AnyMerge makes the process much *simpler*. It delivers the perfect set of features for my purposes (running off google doc assignment sheets that I send out to a team of freelance writers). Now that I've got everything set up, I can hand the whole operation off to someone else in my department. That's only possible because of the stability of the app. It doesn't require me to hover over it as it runs. You just press select some rows, press Generate and boom 50 customized Google docs saved anywhere you choose. Here on the Marketplace, you get what you pay for. If you save just 1 hour running a merge with AnyMerge, you've more than paid for the very easy-to-handle monthly fee. Pay the fine folks at INNOVA and get on with your life.
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Dan Lode
September 13, 2020
I am giving five stars! For the super simple UI, support for QR codes and reliability. I have generated so far hundreds of documents without any issues. I am using it almost daily. Well worth the money!
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