Connect and import data from any API to Google Sheets™
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API Connector is a powerful, easy-to-use extension that pulls data from any API into Google Sheets™. Start quickly with a library of ready-to-use APIs, or create your own custom connections to the data sources you choose.

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✨ Standard (free) features:
*Access thousands of preset requests through a built-in API library
*Visual field editor to filter and re-arrange fields
*Save your API requests for future access
*Choose whether new data should overwrite or append to existing data
*Use cell values in API requests for dynamic queries
*Four built-in JSON-to-Sheets converter algorithms
*GET / POST / PUT / PATCH /  DELETE support
*Works with all major data formats (JSON, XML, and CSV)
*Log timestamps and request URLs to your output sheet
*Import Curl commands and preset request files
*Preview JSON output
*JMESPath query language support for filtering API results
*250 monthly sidebar requests, 3 saved requests


🔥 Paid features:
*Schedule API pulls to refresh automatically
*Set trigger execution order
*Cycle through a list of stacked requests
*Automatically handle pagination
*Higher save/run limits
*Connect to APIs by clicking a button (OAuth)

✅ Integrations:
➜3Commas, 7Timer, AccuWeather, ActiveCampaign, AdRoll, Aftership, Ahrefs, Airtable, AlphaVantage, API-Football, AppsFlyer, Asana, BambooHR, BaseLinker, BigCommerce, Binance, BscScan, Brokermint, ChargeBee, ChatGPT/OpenAI, CJ Affiliate, Clickbank, ClickUp, Clockify, CoachAccountable, CoinAPI, Coinbase, CoinGecko, Coinmap, CoinMarketCap, ConstantContact, ConvertKit, Copper CRM, Criteo, Crunchbase, CryptingUp, CryptoCompare, Data Golf, eBay, Etsy, EventTemple, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, Financial Modeling Prep, Freshdesk, Geocode, Github, Google Ads, Google Analytics (UA and GA4), Google Business, Google Calendar, Google Classroom, Google Cloud Vision, Google Custom SERP,  Google Drive, Google Maps, Google PageSpeed Insights,  Google Search Console, Harvest, Hubspot, Hunter, IMDB, Instagram Insights, Intercom, iTunes, Jira, Keepa, Klaviyo, KoboToolbox, Kraken, KuCoin, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Pages, Mailchimp, Mapbox, Netflix Unofficial, Notion, Okta, OpenAI (ChatGPT), OpenSea, OpenWeatherMap, Paypal, Pipedrive, Pinterest Ads, Procore, Product Hunt, QuickBooks, Quora Ads, Reddit, Ship24, ShipStation, Snapchat Ads, Spotify, Strava, Stripe, TD Ameritrade, Toggl, Trello, Twitter, Udemy, Vimeo, VWO, Wildberries, WooCommerce, Wordpress, Xero, Yahoo Finance, YouTube Data,  Zendesk, Zoho CRM + many more interesting, unique, and popular data APIs. Recommended if you like scraping and connection tools like Coupler, Supermetrics, Zapier, and Postman. This is a totally flexible add-on that connects to almost any platform, so you can build what you want.  See more at


⭐️ Trial
When you install this add-on, you automatically enter a 14-day free trial that activates all premium features. After 14 days, you will be switched to the free plan. 


📓 Beginner-friendly templates & tutorials:

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Miguel Lourenco
23 de junho de 2022
I was expecting to have it active under a Add-ons tab on Google Sheets but unfortunately, it's not. Tried to clean cache, restore the browser to factory settings. Nothing works. Judging by the comments, I'm not the only one trying to get it to work
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Junio J. Silva
6 de fevereiro de 2022
Onde fica as extensões não estou conseguindo achar as extensões para usar
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