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Import API data into Google Sheets. Create custom data connections in your sheets. Eliminate manual data entry & save hours of time every week.
Listing updated:May 25, 2023
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Stop copying and pasting data into Google Sheets and take back control of your time. Apipheny is designed to save you from manual data wrangling by allowing you to create custom data connections to data sources that have an API.

An API is just a raw data pipeline that anyone can tap into, and most websites/platforms have an API these days. Using APIs was a process normally reserved for developers, but thanks to Apipheny, no-coders can get the data connections and automations they need without needing to write any code.

To use Apipheny, just enter the API URL, parameters, key, and headers into the add-on, then then click "Run". You can also save your data requests and schedule them to run automatically on a time interval.

Learning to use an API might seem like a big task, but it's actually quite simple. Read our tutorials to learn how easy it is to connect to the most common APIs:

- Connect and import API data into Google Sheets
- Connect to an unlimited number of data sources
- Includes fields to enter API URL, headers, and body
- Includes JSON Parser/JSON Converter for Sheets
- Save your requests for easy access
- Schedule requests to refresh the data in your Google Sheet automatically (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly)
- Choose which sheet your requests are tied to
- Import JSON API data or CSV API data into Google Sheets
- Choose from GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE request methods
- Reference the value of any cell in the API URL, headers, or body
- Call the API request without leaving your sheets by using the custom =APIPHENY() formula
- Get all the results using our pagination features
- and much more

Free trial included! It takes time and money to develop, support, and market this add-on, so we ask for a fee in exchange for the service.

Eliminate manual data pulls and save time. If you're manually exporting JSON or CSV files from a software platform and pasting the data into Google Sheets, then just automate that process by connecting your software platform's API with the Google Sheets API.

An API is just a data pipeline between two software using a universal format such as JSON or CSV. The process of connecting an external API to Google Sheets API is a technical process and requires code, but the Apipheny app makes it easier for non-technical people to use an API in Google Sheets, and people who want to save time.

If you’re wondering how to call an API in Google Sheets, wonder no more. With Apipheny, you can easily connect and import API data without writing any code. For example, you can use it to get data from the CoinMarketCap API in Google Sheets. Or connect the Trello API and Asana API to Google Sheets.

It works with most APIs. Perfect for anyone who needs an easy and affordable data analysis software to pull API data into a spreadsheet like Google Sheets, so you can visualize and manipulate the data however you'd like.

Connect to as many data sources as you want and make as many data requests as you want. Apipheny has no limits. The only limits you might run into would be either the Google Sheets limits/quotas or Google API limits/quotas.

To import API data, all you need to do is enter your API URL and headers/key into the add-on, then click “Run” and you’re done. Your API data will automatically import into Google Sheets in just a few seconds.

The add-on includes support for JSON and CSV APIs, as well as GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE request methods. Advanced features include the ability to schedule your API requests to refresh automatically every hour or every day, the ability to use our custom =Apipheny() function, and the ability to create an API request by referencing the value of a cell in your API request. Plus, if you need to call the API repeatedly to get all the results, you can automate it using our pagination feature.

Don’t waste your time manually exporting and importing data into Google Sheets. Automatically get data into Google Sheets and then use the data to create custom reports, or connect the Sheet to a free data visualizer like Google Data Studio to create custom views of all your data in one place. All at a fraction of the cost of other enterprise API data integration and visualization platforms.

When you install Apipheny, you’ll get a free 30 day trial that has all the same features the paid version has. Once the 30 days expire, you’ll have the option to upgrade to an affordable subscription plan.

More features and information:

- Google Sheets add-on: Apipheny is a Google Sheets add-on that you can install in the G-Suite Marketplace. Once you install the add-on, you can import an API by opening a Google Sheet and then click Add-ons > Apipheny > Import API.

- Make API Call Google Sheet: Connect to the Google Sheets API and making an API call in Google Sheets is easier than you think, with Apipheny. Just enter your API URL, headers, and key in the app and then click “Run” and your API data will automatically be called into your spreadsheet.

- Import JSON to Google Sheets: you can use this Google Sheets add-on to connect and import API data from any JSON or CSV API. Most modern software and platforms use a universal JSON format for their API, which works perfectly with this add-on. To import JSON all you have to do is sign up for a developer account on your platform(s) of choice, get your API URL, key, and headers, then plug them into this add-on and click Run. Works with most APIs.

- Universal API connector: Apipheny works with almost any API. Here’s some of the examples of APIs that you can (technically) manually integrate with Google Sheets using the Apipheny app. Experience and usage varies by platform - Active Campaign, Ahrefs, Asana, Bing, Constant Contact, Criteo, Github, Facebook, Facebook Ads, Harvest, Hubspot, Imbd Indeed, Instagram, Intercom, iTunes, Jira, Kelly Blue Book, Linkedin, Mailchimp, Moz, Netflix, Optimizely, Outbrain, OpenWeather, Paypal, Pinterest API, Product Hunt, Quora API, Quickbooks, Reddit API, Salesforce Searchmetrics, Semrush API, Shopify, Snapchat, Spacex, Spotify, Stripe, Surveymonkey, Taboola, Tiktok, Trello, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Yahoo API, Youtube, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Ziprecruiter, Crypto Price API, Government Data API, CRM API, HR API, News API, Stocks API, Sports API, Weather API.

- JSON parser/JSON converter: You can use Apipheny to easily get raw JSON parsed in an easy to read format right in Google Sheets. Our JSON parser requires no additional coding or scripts from you - it’s included and ready to use.

- Supermetrics alternative: If you’re looking for an alternative to Supermetrics custom JSON connector tool then look no further. You can connect to almost any API via our easy to use JSON API importer. You can also use Apipheny as an affordable alternative to other data integration and automation software such as Ad Stage (Adstage), KPIbees (KPI Bees), Klipfolio,,, Power My Analytics, Reportgarden, Excelify, Improvado, Whatagraph, Analytics Canvas, Zoho Analytics,, Zapier, and IFTT.

- Crypto price Google Sheets: Use our add-on as a cryptofinance alternative. Get Coinmarketcap API in Google Sheets by connecting to the Coinmarketcap API or the API from any cryptocurrency website or exchange like Altcointrader, Alpha Vantage, Btcmarkets, Binance, Bitfinex, Bitpay, Bithumb, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Blockchain, CoinMarketCap, CoinAPI, Coinbase, Coingecko, Cryptopia, Fixer, Idex, ICOwatchlist, Gemini, Gdax, Hitbtc, Huobi, Livecoin, Kraken, Kucoin, Luno, Poloniex, Qtrade, and more. Get Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cyrptocurrency data and crypto prices in your Google spreadsheet.

- GET request Google Sheets: You can make a GET request in Google Sheets with Apipheny by choosing the “GET” method in the “Import” tab of the add-on. Then enter your API URL, headers, and key if you have one. Then click “Run” and you API data will automatically pull into your Google Sheet.

- POST request Google Sheets: With Apipheny it’s easy to make a POST request and add a POST body in Google Sheets. You can make a POST request in your Google Sheet by choosing the “POST” method in the “Import” tab of the add-on. Then add your API URL, your POST Body, and click “Run”. 

- PUT request Google Sheets: You can make a PUT API request in your Google Sheet by choosing the PUT request method in Apipheny. Then just enter your request details (URL, body, etc.) and click the Run button to process your request without leaving your sheet.

- PATCH request Google Sheets: You can make a PATCH API request in your sheet by using the PUT request method in Apipheny. After choosing the PATCH method, just enter your request details (URL, body, etc.) and click the Run button to process your request.

- DELETE request Google Sheets: You can make a DELETE API request by choosing the PUT request method in the Apipheny add-on. Then enter your request details (URL, etc.) and click the Run button to process your DELETE request.

- Data analysis software: pull data in from one or multiple data sources with this easy to use data analysis software. Easily visualize and manipulate API data in your spreadsheet. Use one of the advanced features to supercharge your spreadsheet like create reference the value of a cell (eg. {{{Sheet1!A1}}}) in the URL, headers, or POST Body of your API request, or call an API request inside a cell of your spreadsheet with the =APIPHENY() function.

- Data visualization tool: you can use this add-on to create a visual dashboard with a tool like Google Data Studio. Just connect one or multiple API to Google Sheets, then integrate your Google Sheet with Google Data Studio to get custom views of all your data in one place.

- Marketing automation tool: is a popular marketing automation tool for freelance marketers and marketing agencies who want to automate data pulls from a software or a platform and get data from multiple sources like PPC, SEO, social media, and analytics all into one place without breaking the bank. Use Apipheny to get enterprise level data integration, automation, and reporting at an affordable price.

- Data privacy: your API and spreadsheet information is stored in Google’s servers. None of your API nor spreadsheet information is synced to our servers and we don’t have access to view any of your spreadsheet or API data. The add-on requires only basic permissions to run.

- Technical support: we’re here to help. If you have any questions about importing an API into Google Sheets, just contact us on our website.

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Jack Bird
January 2, 2023
Works awesome but not for all cases. I use it for my goodreads extraction. But also for my complex eCommerce web-scraping case I would suggest eScraper service for eCommerce.
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Profile Picture
Ritch Cuvier
July 22, 2022
The best tool to ever allow me to import and make get request, this tool even allow me to make get and post request this definitely will replace Pabbly connect. This tool even allow me to see and to schedule each request. Imagine having a postman that interact with your google sheet 🤩🤩🤩
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Rob Salusbury
February 25, 2022
Extraordinarily useful! Very clever architecture which opens up incredible possibilities for dynamic web-enabled applications. Very handy for merging data in real time from REST APIs as well as many popular SQL databases. Outstanding!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Meelad Mashaw
April 27, 2022
Thank you so much for trying Apipheny! We're happy to have you as part of our family. You can contact us directly on our website if you have any questions. We're happy to help :) Cheers, -Meelad Mashaw Co-founder @ Apipheny
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Ameya Agrawal
July 29, 2021
This tool helps us in connecting with various apps which either don't support direct integration or have a complicated process. This can be used to collect leads from forms to google sheet and even create the automatic document. We are exploring more usecases to put this tool to maximum productive use.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Glen Bentley
February 25, 2022
Cool product. I'm using it in several projects each with multiple scheduled integrations - works great. A big fan!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Woodrow Wilder
June 5, 2021
Looks nice hope i not 2 dumb 2
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
kenneth Onwuzolum
January 26, 2022
i like it
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Apipheny - API connector
June 1, 2020
Excellent support. 100% transparency in terms of capabilities and what to expect. help get rid of annoyingly expensive supermetrics.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Kigongo Matia
April 18, 2021
it is useful
Is this review helpful?
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