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Listing updated:January 28, 2022
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Appogee Leave is the No.1 Absence Management solution with integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365. Manage and report employee time-off and sickness with this fully automated system. Loved by users all over the world!
Track employee allowance, requests and bookings.
Simple online approval/decline workflow process
Empower managers and teams to manage absence

Appogee Leave is simple to use, fully integrated with Google and Office 365 Calendar to save your staff's time. 

Line Managers 
Manage team annual leave and sickness - Visibility through Team Calendars 
One click approval process - Save time with automated email notifications 
Single source of truth - No paperwork, no spreadsheets, and no mistakes. 

HR Managers 
On-demand Reporting - Automatically track employees’ leave and sickness status 
Reduce administrative burden - Empower line managers and teams to manage absence requests 
Reduce unplanned absence - Measure the Bradford Factor to identify problem absenteeism 

End Users 
Simple online booking - Request time-off from your manager at any time. 
What’s my allowance - See your remaining leave entitlement 
See who’s away - View team absences directly in Calendar 

Fully integrated with Google Apps and Office 365 - Simply click and add to your domain 
Reliable and securely hosted on Google Cloud Platform. 
Configurable absence policies - Includes Accrual, RTT, Annual Holiday Allowance, Time-off in Lieu. Custom Leave types 
English, French & Spanish language support. Web interface and Android app. 
Dynamic reporting!!

Our project tracking solution Appogee Time is also available as an add-on to Appogee Leave. Check out our listing or head to for more information.
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mwl esthmear
August 13, 2023
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Muhammad Luqman
June 6, 2022
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Louisa Howell
September 2, 2021
Having Appogee Leave as an add-on for Google Workspace, means I can easily request leave or check my allowance (as well as approve my team leave) without leaving the Google app that I am currently working in - further making Gmail a workspace I don't need to leave!
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