Introducing video calls designed for energy, ideas and action. Gather in ultra small groups, infuse fresh energy into creative sessions, and get things done in real-time with real results.
Listing updated:August 10, 2021
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Easily add your Around meeting details to Google Calendar events

This add-on allows you to seamlessly add Around meeting details to your Google Calendar, as well as tailor the meeting experience by choosing the meeting type (one-off meetings or specific rooms). 

Around is video collaboration reimagined for the remote-first era, with lean, elegant design and proprietary technology perfect for 1:1s, team syncs, and on-the-fly sessions. In place of dominating video calls that disrupt focus, Around offers lightweight, collaborative sessions perfect for tasks like design collaborations, copywriting work sessions or code reviews.

With Around, it’s easy to create together with less fatigue. Our features include: 
• Floating Mode: Around’s compact video interface sits on top of collaborative applications, allowing participants to work on documents together without losing visual contact 
• Anti-fatigue video: Automatic touch-up to minimize appearance-related distractions
• Noise-cancellation: Our proprietary AI eliminates distracting noises like coughs, laptop fans, loud breathing and barking dogs
• EchoTerminator: Allows hybrid-remote teams to collaborate with multiple laptops in one space without audio feedback or echo
• Slack integration: Perfect for quick syncs and impromptu collaboration

You can learn more about Around at 

***Having issues with installation? Please sign out of all of your GSuite Accounts and sign in with the one you’d like to use the add-on with, then try again. In case the problem persists, please email us at Thanks! 
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