Transform emails into Google Forms™ responses. Train AI with Google Sheets™ data for enhanced autofilling.
Listing updated:May 22, 2024
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Formfacade's Autofill form addon (Promptrepo) converts emails into responses in Google Forms™. Now, your users can send you an email, and Autofill form will automatically fill out their forms and send them a confirmation email with the details before submitting it. If you want to improve its accuracy, you can export the form responses to Google Sheets™ and train its AI algorithm. Additionally, you can use it as an API in other applications beyond Google Forms™.

▌ Google Forms™ Addon

➤ Email to Form Response for Sales and Support
Maximize efficiency in your sales and support operations with the Email to Form Response feature. By automatically converting incoming emails to structured Google Forms™ responses, this tool ensures that no customer inquiry or sales lead slips through the cracks. For sales, it captures every detail for effective lead management, while support emails are instantly turned into structured tickets, streamlining the entire customer service process. This automation not only saves time but also increases the accuracy of data entry, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

➤ For Sales
In the sales department, Autofill form's feature becomes an invaluable asset for capturing and managing leads. When potential customers send inquiries via email, their information is automatically populated into a form, ensuring all details are retained and organized. This enables sales teams to quickly follow up with personalized responses and proposals, accelerating the sales cycle. Moreover, exporting these form responses to Google Sheets™ allows for deeper analysis and optimization of sales strategies, providing actionable insights to further drive sales effectiveness.

➤ For Support
For customer support teams, this feature simplifies the process of ticket creation and management. Incoming support requests sent to designated email aliases are converted into Google Forms™ responses, creating tickets automatically. This not only facilitates a faster response to customer issues but also ensures that all communications are logged and confirmations are sent to customers, enhancing transparency and trust. Additionally, support teams can leverage data in Google Sheets™ to prioritize and manage responses more effectively, tailoring support based on customer needs and improving overall service quality.

▌ Google Sheets™ Addon

➤ High accuracy
With OpenAI, you can identify your customer's industry segment or your product's category by providing a small, high-quality dataset. Now, by using Google Sheets™, you can easily create that dataset and train OpenAI for your domain specific usecase.

➤ No code
Google Sheets™ is an incredibly user-friendly tool for managing data and writing formulas. With our addon, you can use the AI you trained as a formula within Google Sheets™ and see the results instantly. And the best part? You don't need to be a developer to do it.

➤Yes to code
Integrate AI into your application with ease - Our API allows you to quickly and easily use the algorithm you trained in your application. Leverage Google Sheets™ to build and test the AI algorithm, and then integrate it into your application for your users.

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