Export data from Salesforce, Quickbooks, and many other sources to Google Sheets™. No technical skill required.
Listing updated:September 23, 2023
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Awesome Table has two products:

➤ Connectors: Export data from applications such as Salesforce, Quickbooks, Hubspot or Zendesk into Google Sheets™ in a few clicks with the add-on for Google Sheets™

➤ Apps: Make your spreadsheet data accessible and searchable in a website or intranet as interactive catalogs, directories, FAQs, maps for Google Maps™, or Gantt charts with the app creation tool at app.awesome-table.com

Forget copy/paste and csv hell, focus on building reports and dashboards.


After installing our add-on for Google Sheets™:
1) Connect to a data source you want to import data from
2) Choose the data you want to extract
3) Customize your spreadsheet columns and preview before importing
4) Run your request
In a matter of seconds, your data appears in your spreadsheet!

Instantly connect, integrate & sync with, export & pull reports from:

✅ Accounting, Tax, Finance Ops

🔹QuickBooks - Connect to Google Sheets™ and export any report (including Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Statement of Cash Flows, and other segmented, detailed or summary reports) or raw data (including Accounts, Bills, Customers, Employees, Invoices, Items, Payments, and Vendors).
🔹Xero - Integrate with Google Sheets™ and export financial data and reports.

✅ CRM, Customer Support, Customer Service, Customer Success, RevOps

🔹HubSpot - Connect to Google Sheets™ and export your Contacts, Companies, Deals, Products, Properties, Quotes, and Tickets.
🔹Salesforce - Connect to Google Sheets™ and export your Reports, build sales funnels, and understand your sales performance.
🔹Zendesk - Export and monitor Support Tickets, and Comments on Posts and Articles.

✅ Developer and Design tools, DevOps, REST API

🔹Any REST API - Connect to your favorite API using an API key or your username and password, and use a table to configure your query instead of editing long URL paths. Query like a pro using JMESPath and your pagination method of choice. 
🔹Figma - Keep track of comments, components, and frames by file and monitor your team components, projects, and styles.
🔹GitHub - Integrate with Google Sheets™ to sync your own or public repository issues, comments, commits and pull requests.
🔹Jira - Integrate with Google Sheets™ and export issues, comments, projects, and user details. Search through issues using Jira Query Language (JQL). Analyze your team’s performance and productivity.
🔹Unsplash - Easily log in with Unsplash and use Awesome Table’s intuitive API interface to get stats on photos, users, and collections.
🔹Vercel - Use OAuth 2 to connect to Vercel and query any endpoint.

✅ E-commerce

🔹Shopify - Create custom dashboards and run your own analytics on exports of Abandoned checkouts, Customers’ contact details, Inventory levels, Orders, and Transactions. Keep track of and report on your Locations, Discount Codes, Marketing events, Price Rules, Products, and Product Variants.
🔹Stripe - Export your charges, disputes, refunds, invoices, customer details, and keep track of your prices and products.

✅ Productivity, project management

🔹Google Maps™ Geocode - Convert addresses into geographic coordinates and vice versa.
🔹Airtable - Connect to any table using Awesome Table’s Airtable integration with Google Sheets™, and keep your data in sync.
🔹Excel 365 -  Export your data from Excel to Google Sheets™ and keep it in sync.
🔹Notion - Integrate with Google Sheets™ to list users and databases in your workspace. Keep an eye on updates to your documentation page by page.

✅ Crypto, DeFi, BTC, ETH, finance, portfolio tracking

🔹CoinGecko - Track and analyze current and historical prices, trading volumes, and market caps of many coins including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, BNB, SOL, ADA, DOGE; monitor trading volumes by exchange, including derivative exchanges; get a global DeFi summary, build your own candle sticks with OHLC data.
🔹DefiLlama - Track current and historical total value locked (TVL) by protocol and chain, or across all chains.

✅ Google Workspace™

🔹Google Contacts™ - Export and keep track of your contacts, groups, and directories.
🔹Google Drive™ - Search using advanced filters and export lists of files and folders to keep track of file changes, ownership, and permissions.
🔹Google Photos™ - Export details of all your photos and albums.
🔹Google Sheets™ - No more IMPORTRANGE, keep spreadsheets synced between themselves and your stakeholders up to date with what’s relevant to them.
🔹Google Tasks™ - Get a birds-eye view of all your todos and analyze your productivity.

✅ Marketing, agencies, Marketing Ops, performance marketing

🔹Facebook Ads - Export data related to your advertising campaigns, ad sets, and individual ads.
🔹Google Analytics 4™ - Run analytics, including pageviews, sessions, and users. Additionally, segment the data by device type, country, and page.
🔹Google Analytics 3™ - Run analytics, including pageviews, sessions, and users. Additionally, segment the data by device type, country, and page.
🔹Google Search Console™ - Run analytics, including clicks, impressions, CTR, and position by device, country, page, search query, or type. Keep track of changes to your site maps.
🔹Google Trends™ - Explore and analyze the popularity of search terms on Google Search over time and across different geographic regions.
🔹Youtube - Put Youtube’s API to work and monitor comments for individual videos or across your channel or other channels, export and analyze lists of videos, subscriptions, and more.
🔹YouTube Analytics - Run analytics and access videos and playlist reports from your channels.
🔹 Mailchimp - Export reports for individual email campaigns, audience lists, and reports related to audience engagement and activity.


🔹Google BigQuery - Input an SQL query and get the data directly in your spreadsheet
🔹MySQL - Export data from tables, databases, and query results in various formats, including SQL, CSV (Comma-Separated Values), and XML.
🔹PostgreSQL - Export data from tables, databases, and query results in various formats, including SQL, CSV (Comma-Separated Values), and other text-based formats.
🔹SQL server - Export data from tables, databases, views, and query results in various formats, including SQL scripts, CSV (Comma-Separated Values), Excel, XML, JSON, and other text-based formats



❓Need some help?

➤Get started with Awesome Table

➤ Run your first request (Zendesk example)

➤ Many other examples available here: www.awesome-table.com/connectors/help/export-to-google-sheets

➤ Contact our lovely support agents directly here: https://support.awesome-table.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Here are a few examples of what you can build with Awesome Table:
➤ Catalogs: create sales assets portals, product catalogs, document libraries, training catalogs, people directories, and projects portfolios.
➤ Maps for Google Maps™: create maps of your customers, stores, suppliers, warehouses, projects, etc. Easily attach a table to it.
➤ Knowledge bases & FAQs: quickly create a knowledge base, an FAQ, or an issue resolution matrix.
➤ Gantt charts: turn your action tracking spreadsheets into visual Gantt charts.
➤ Data summaries: quickly create some pie charts, bar charts, top-10 tables and word clouds to summarize your data from surveys, requests, and tickets.
➤ Newsfeed: create carousels full of the latest news, testimonials, accolades, and more.
➤ Org charts: create simple org charts or hierarchies.
Awesome Table works great with images, videos, hyperlinks, and almost anything from the web.
We have 8 main view types: table, cards, maps, charts, geochart, org chart, gantt chart, and slideshow.
➤ No coding skills required: if you can make a spreadsheet, you can make an Awesome Table.
➤ Filters and search: easily add interactive and intuitive filters and full text search, directly from the spreadsheet.
➤ Embed anywhere: embed your Awesome Table on any site, including for Google Sites™, Wordpress, Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Lumapps, Happeo, Wix, Confluence, Weebly, and Squarespace.
➤ Easy data management: updating your data is as easy as editing the spreadsheet. Anybody can do it.
➤ Ready-to-use templates: make your app in minutes by starting from a premade template from our template gallery.
➤ Fully customizable: know how to code or work with developers? Fully customize your Awesome Table with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
➤ Safe and secure: Awesome Table never uploads your data to our servers. They are fetched at display time from your browser.
➤ Easy permissions management: manage permissions directly from your spreadsheet. Whoever can see your sheet can see your app.
➤ Web-friendly: works well with images, hyperlinks, and videos.
➤ Usage reports: track all your Awesome Tables’ key stats in the usage metrics dashboard. 

Awesome Table companion add-ons are easy-to-use and help you create an Awesome Table showcase app before jumping into the full Awesome Table experience.
➤ Files cabinet: automatically list files from a selected folder in Drive and display them in a nice view.
➤ Geocode: Get GPS data (latitude and longitude) from a list of addresses and turn them into a map.
➤ People directory: List all users from a workspace domain and turn it into a table or cards app.
➤ Photo gallery: create a gallery from photos for use with Google Drive™ folder.
➤ Publication workflow: create workflows in seconds to automate publication validation process.


Talarian, the company behind Awesome Table, is ISO 27001 certified.

Your data stays in your Google Sheets™. Awesome Table is GDPR compliant as we do not store or transfer any personal data. This is because your data is stored in your Google Sheets™ and is never saved in our database.

Our DPA is available online and is incorporated by reference to the Terms of Service that you (or your domain admin) accepts when starting using the application.

Awesome Table has been certified by iKeepSafe to be FERPA and COPPA compliant.

All those provisions make Awesome Table safe to use.
Please find all the information you need about privacy, GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, COPPA, our DPA and BAA here: https://awesome-table.com/connectors/help/data-security
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