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Bender 2.0 is an open-source Google Chat Bot designed to enhance productivity and collaboration within chat environments. Developed with educational goals in mind, Bender 2.0 serves as a comprehensive example for those looking to build their own chat bots. The project includes detailed articles that guide users through the process of creating and deploying a Google Chat Bot.

Key Features:

— Meeting Notes Card Creation:
Bender 2.0 can generate detailed meeting notes in the form of a card, making it easy to capture and share key points, action items, and summaries from your meetings directly within the chat.

— Image Card Creation:
Users can create cards with embedded images, enabling seamless sharing of visual content. This feature is perfect for presentations, sharing designs, or any situation where visuals are key.

— Poll Creation:
Bender 2.0 can create interactive polls within the chat, allowing team members to vote and make decisions collaboratively. This feature is useful for gathering opinions, scheduling meetings, or making group decisions quickly.

— Fun Commands:
In addition to its productivity features, Bender 2.0 includes several fun commands to lighten the mood and keep the chat engaging.

Educational Resources:
The project is accompanied by a series of articles that provide step-by-step instructions on building a Google Chat Bot. These resources are perfect for developers of all levels who are interested in learning about bot development.

Get Started:
To start using Bender 2.0, visit the GitHub repository for the source code and documentation. Follow the provided tutorials to set up and customize the bot according to your needs.

Bender 2.0 is an open-source project, and contributions are welcome. If you have ideas for new features, improvements, or have found a bug, feel free to submit a pull request or open an issue on GitHub.

This project is licensed under the MIT License, making it easy for anyone to use, modify, and distribute the code.
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