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Accounting software for small businesses & nonprofits. Track income & expenses, import, invoice, financial & tax reports, reconcile, collaborate w/ associates. Free trial.
Listing updated:August 8, 2022
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The goal of Big E-Z Accounting for Google Sheets Add-on is to make your bookkeeping and accounting as simple as possible. We created the most streamlined and efficient software on the market. Just like other accounting software programs, Big E-Z helps you put together your financial puzzle; we just use bigger and fewer pieces. Our workflow looks like this: Enter or import transactions, categorize them, reconcile the checkbook, and view your reports. Just 4 E-Z puzzle pieces for accurate accounting!

This alternative to QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Wave, Xero, uses formulas and many checks and balances to automatically produce clear, concise, and accurate accounting reports which effectively simplifies and streamlines the accounting process. Try it Free for 14 days.


Auto Repair Shops
Beauty Salons
Community Theatres
Educational Organizations
Organic Food Co-ops
Personal Finances
Pet Services
Rental Property Owners
Sales and Marketing
Singing Groups
Sports Clubs
Truck Owners
Vending Machine Owners


1. Customized to Fit Your Accounting Needs

This accounting spreadsheet template type of system allows many customizations like:

- add and delete categories
- add, change, and delete accounts
- add your logo to invoices
- add your own sheets
- adjust column width and row height
- sort by date

2. Importing Saves You Time & Money

✦ The importing feature alone is worth the price of using Big E-Z! You'll be amazed at the time you can save.  And we all know time is money!
✦ You can set up all your accounts to import transactions.
✦ You can also trim unwanted words from your bank downloads when you import and then sort your transactions by date. This is such a nice added feature!
✦ After importing you'll need to categorize your entries, then reconcile, and you are done. Accounting doesn't get any easier than this!

3. Invoicing

Big E-Z offers a basic invoicing feature that allows you to email invoices to clients along with one of three standard messages. As you generate invoices a PDF gets added to the history list so you can apply payments to see who owes you money. You can also send receipts for income received from customers and donors.

4. Stay Organized for Tax Time

- All your transactions will condense down to monthly, quarterly, and year-end totals.
- Easily collaborate with your accountant for projections and tax preparation.
- You can set up each contractor as a Subcategory to track payments for 1099 reporting.
- Track contributions from donors or members by setting them up as a Subcategory.
- Print receipts at year-end.

5. Clear and Concise Financial Reports

Big E-Z has many reports you can use to manage your organization:

✦ Balance Sheet
✦ Budget
✦ Cash Management
✦ Category and Subcategory Report
✦ Control Sheet
✦ Direct Cash Flow
✦ General Ledger
✦ Income and Expense
✦ Income and Expense with Budget
✦ Quarterly and Year-End Totals
✦ Sales Tax
✦ Trial Balance

With this extension, you can provide professional-looking reports to your associates or your accountant.  The best part is everything is fully automatic. You don't need to know how to make accounting journal entries or even know a debit from a credit, just let Big E-Z do its magic.

6. No Accounting Knowledge Needed:

- You don't need to know accounting terms like "debit" and "credit" or how to do a journal entry.
- Just enter and categorize your transactions and let Big E-Z do the rest.
- Professional-looking financial reports are generated automatically.
- It's easy to learn and to train others to use it.

7. Easy to Correct Entry Errors

Big E-Z is laid out logically. It has rows and columns similar to Excel so it's easy to enter and to find entry errors to correct them. If you have spent a lot of time trying to correct an error on a cumbersome program, you know what we are talking about.

8. Backups, Privacy, and Security

✦ Backups
Backups are automatically saved to your Google Drive.

✦ Privacy and Security
The system is as secure as your Google account and your records are kept private unless you choose to share the spreadsheet with associates.

9. Recommended by Accountants and Tax Professionals

Accountants appreciate it when you provide accurate summary reports. It makes their job a lot easier. Your accountant's vast knowledge can be better utilized when you provide them with accurate financial records.

10. Great Support

Big E-Z is known for providing great support. Before you purchase we provide a free 14-day trial. Your purchase includes a 30-minute free help via screen share at the following link

You will speak with a bookkeeper that knows the Big E-Z program inside and out. You can get additional help with initial setup or other features like invoicing or importing. We've had experience working with many clients just like you that need a little extra help.

Our website also features FAQs, Troubleshooting Tips, a vast searchable Knowledge Base, as well as ongoing email support. Most users find that is enough, but if you have a more complicated organization to set up, feel free to contact us for additional help. We charge $60 per hour and will bill you after the screen sharing call.


1. Follow these 3 E-Z steps to update your accounting records:

✦ Enter or import your transactions
✦ Categorize your transactions
✦ Reconcile with your bank account statement to prove your totals are true and accurate

Then you can use the Lookup feature to get to the details. You'll be able to manage the following:

- Income and expenses
- Donor and membership income
- Sales and sales tax
- Contractor payments for 1099s
- Mileage, hours, and sales quantities

2. Manage Your Accounts All in One Place

Big E-Z comes with a variety of accounts set up for you, like:

- Cash
- Checking
- Savings
- Investment
- Credit Card
- Merchant
- Loan

✦ Add and Delete Accounts
You can customize the Big E-Z System by adding new accounts (or deleting accounts you won't use).  

✦ Import and Reconcile
You can set up all accounts to import transactions, and all accounts can be reconciled as well.

✦ Cash Management
Our cash management form will help you keep income earmarked and amounts reserved for designated expenditures.

3. Multiple Users & Devices

- You can use Big E-Z on multiple devices to collaborate with associates or share with your accountants.
- It works with your Google account and on a Chrome browser.
- Share the Big E-Z sheet with multiple users to improve productivity.
- Allow users viewing or editing access to your sheet.

4. Pick a Category List of Tax-Deductible Expenses

- Choose from 18 types of businesses with their respective lists of deductible expenses.
- Pick the list that fits your needs best.
- Your system will be set up with the list of categories you choose.
- Customize it by adding or deleting categories.
- Now you are ready to start entering your transactions.

5. Manage Contractors, Donors, and Members

- Set up each contractor as a Subcategory to track payments for 1099 reporting.
- Track contributions from donors or members by setting them up as a Subcategory.
- Use the Lookup throughout the year to track payments to contractors or donations received.
- Print receipts at year-end.

6. Create a Budget

You can set up a budget anytime during the year. Creating a budget is a guessing game.  It's like a shot in the dark unless you have a previous record of your spending. So, try to determine how much you will spend in the coming months or year and get your budget started. You can make changes as you go along. No worries if it is not accurate at first. Give it a try!
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