Build beautiful forms having your own custom branding and design. Embed Google Forms in your website and make it look like your website. Get users' trust by replacing Google branding with yours.
Listing updated:September 9, 2023
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Are you a startup founder or project owner who values speed? When you quickly put together a Google Form to connect with your users, what impression does it leave when the form lacks your branding? Will it instill confidence in your ability to deliver a great product or service when you can't even present them with a professional-looking form?

BoloForms Form Builder is here to transform Google Forms and align them with your websites and apps. By replacing Google branding with your own, you can earn the trust of your users.

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Custom Design to Match Your Website

Convert your Google Form into a tailor-made form that seamlessly integrates with your website. Maintain a professional user experience while managing form submissions using Google Sheets/Forms, the platform you are already comfortable with.

Compatibility with Popular Content Management Systems

Seamlessly integrate BoloForms with popular content management systems like WordPress, SquareSpace, and Bootstrap. Embed the form into your website with a single line of code, and watch it automatically adapt to match your website's color scheme.

Effortless Response Tracking and Management

Manage all your form designs from a single, convenient dashboard. Easily track and download all the form responses, gaining valuable insights and data. 

Form Prefilling for Embedded Forms

Even if your form is embedded in your website, BoloForms offers the ability to prefill form fields. Generate a prefill URL from Google Forms and let BoloForms automatically populate the form appropriately. Send customized emails that prefill values differently for each user.

Create Microsites and Share Effortlessly

Create dedicated microsites for your forms, regardless of whether you have a website or admin privileges. Share the microsites with your users via email or social media platforms.

Send Customized Emails with Form Responses

Go beyond collecting responses - send customized emails to users that include their form responses, adding a personalized touch to your communication.

BoloForms Formfacade empowers you to create stunning forms that align with your brand, providing a professional user experience. Gain your users' trust and streamline your form management process. Try BoloForms today!

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1. Only the "Help" menu item does show up!
This is an issue that can be caused sometimes from Google’s™ end due to low internet connectivity. You can try reloading the page, all menu items will show up.

2. The error message " refuses to connect" shows up within the sidebar.
This also could happen if multiple users are logged in within the browser.
Solution 1- Just log out with all users, except the one which should be used to work with the addon.
Solution 2- Use a different browser or the incognito mode.

3. The sidebar is completely blank
The cause for this error message is that multiple users are logged in within the browser.
Solution 1- Just log out with all users, except the one which should be used to work with the addon.
Solution 2- Use a different browser or the incognito mode.

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