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BoloForms is a powerful Google Forms add-on that enhances the functionality of your Google Forms™.
With BoloForms, you can effortlessly transform your Google Forms into online tests and quizzes. This add-on includes a Timer feature for quizzes, allowing you to set time limits for the tests, Auto-submit once time gets over.
Additionally, BoloForms offers automated proctoring capabilities, making it ideal for online tests, exams, and assessments. 
Get Detailed Answer Report and Trust Score For your test submission 

➡️  ➡️  ➡️  KEY FEATURES ⬅️  ⬅️  ⬅️ 

⏱️ Timer: Set time limits for tests, useful for online tests and exams.
📅 Form Open & Close Date: Schedule test availability, great for online exams.
✅Auto-Submit Test once Time gets over 
⏺️ Camera tracking: Monitor student behavior during tests for proctoring purposes.
🖥️ Screen tracking: Track student screen activity during tests.
🎤 Microphone Tracking: Capture audio in case of loud background noise to prevent cheating.
🆔 Authentication: Require test takers to authenticate themselves before starting the test.
📸 Photos at Random: Take and store random photos during the test for review.
💯 Trust Score: Automatically analyze student anomalies and assign a trust score.
🔗 Direct Exam Access: Send exams directly to students or provide a single link for access.
✨ Organization Branding: Customize tests with your own logo and colors.
📜 Create Tests from Dashboard: Create tests directly from the BoloForms Dashboard.
🔒 Secure & Simple Dashboard: Manage tests securely with a fully-featured dashboard.
🙌 User-Friendly for Students: Works like native Google Forms on any device.
📁 Download Excel Report: Download Excel files from the BoloForms Dashboard for test analysis.


🔗 Auto-generate Student Reports by integrating Google Forms with Google Docs.
👩‍🏫 Seamless Integration with Google Classroom for easy test creation and management.
🔔 Email Notifications for reaching limits.
👀 View Analytics on Google Form to track clicks and views.
⏱️ Time Spent Analytics to monitor how much time applicants spend on the form.
👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼 Add Collaborator for sharing results with colleague teachers.
✅ Track Attendance of students in Google Meet using our FREE Chrome Extension.
💻 Enforce Full Screen to restrict tab or application switching during the test.
📹 Record User's Session to capture screens and actions during the test.
🖼 Capture a pre-test photo of the test taker.
⌛ Test Submission Deadline to ensure timely completion.

  ➡️  ➡️  ➡️  TROUBLESHOOTING  ⬅️  ⬅️  ⬅️

1. Only the "Help" menu item does show up!
This is an issue that can be caused sometimes from Google’s™ end due to low internet connectivity. You can try reloading the page, all menu items will show up.

2. The error message " refuses to connect" shows up within the sidebar.
This also could happen if multiple users are logged in within the browser.
Solution 1- Just log out with all users, except the one which should be used to work with the addon.
Solution 2- Use a different browser or the incognito mode.

3. The sidebar is completely blank
The cause for this error message is that multiple users are logged in within the browser.
Solution 1- Just log out with all users, except the one which should be used to work with the addon.
Solution 2- Use a different browser or the incognito mode.

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Some Commonly asked questions by our users about Boloforms & Google Forms-

Question: How to Make a Google Form Create Survey Quiz – Google Forms Tutorial by Boloforms. 
PS: Also add a timer to your Google Form Survey with the help of Boloforms!

Answer: Google Forms is the best and widely accessible that lets you create surveys with a great variety of customization options. In this guide we will see the most common ways to make and customize your own Google Form and also explore how BoloForms can enhance the capabilities of your Google Form by 10X.

1. Start from a template
When you're ready to create a new survey, you have the option to start from a blank document or start from one of the many templates already available.

These templates are divided into three categories: Work, Personal and Education. They are ready to use and save you from having to design the form yourself – for example, for a course assessment form or a worksheet, etc.

2. Easy to Use Google Form features
In the top center of the page there are the buttons to see the questions of the form, the responses, and the settings of the form.

3. Questions-
The Questions section allows you to add questions to your google form. It gives you a range of options to choose what type of question you want to add- Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Paragraph, Check Boxes, Dropdown, Linear Scale, Multiple Choice Grid, Checkbox Grid, Date & Time. 

You can choose the question type appropriately and select whether it is required to answer the question or not by toggling the option on the right bottom corner of each question.

4. Responses-
The responses section is where you see a view of your respondents in a pie chart as well as individual responses. But it is best recommended to click on the sheet icon in the top right corner of the responses section so that you can better visualize the respondents in a google sheet.

5. Settings
The Settings allow you to customize various features, such as-
a. Whether the email addresses of the respondents are collected
b. If respondents can return later to change their answers
c. If they can submit multiple times or only once (in this case the respondent must be logged in with their account)
d. If it shows a progress bar, and
e. If the questions are shuffled randomly.

Finally, in the top right corner there is an option to enable Add-ons to Google Forms. And you should definitely install Boloforms Add-on so that you can have all the following features-

1. You get the data on how much time did it take for a respondent to fill a google form- by simply installing the Boloforms add-on and sharing the Boloforms form link with your respondents.

2. Set a custom start date and end date to your form. This can be really useful if you are conducting a test or you need your respondents to be able to access the form only during a selected time frame.

3. Close the form after a number of responses are reached- This is another fantastic feature that Boloforms provides which is to help your quiz for google forms stop accepting responses after a number.

4. Timer for Google Forms- Boloforms is the most subtle and 100% working timer for google forms. You can set the timer for respondents to see how much time is left. The respondent will be able to submit the form even after the time is over, but the submission will be marked as late in that case.

5. Detailed analytics on submission times & responses in the same google sheet that is linked to the google form so that you don’t have to use any other software.



1. Google Forms Survey- BoloForms is a Google Forms App that is used to create google forms surveys where the survey owner gets to know how much time is taken by the respondent to fill their form and hence can improve the length of the survey based on this input.

2. Google Forms Quiz- BoloForms is a Google Add On App used by our customers to create quizzes and track time taken by each respondent to fill the quiz.

3. Google Form Templates- Using various business and education templates available on Google Forms, users can use Boloforms to close and open forms as per convenience.

4. Accept Registrations using Google Forms- BoloForms can be used to open and close the Google Form at a set date and time so that the users can register to your event only during the time slot allowed by you. 

5. Google Forms maker with Timer- BoloForms is the best online google form maker if you want to integrate timer into your form. It also marks when the submission is on time, late and closes the form when the date goes past it.


1. How to Choose Your Response Destination Google Sheet?
If you're a moderate user of Google Forms, you probably already know that you can choose between storing your results as a spreadsheet or keeping them within the form. However, you may not know which one to choose or why.

To choose your results destination:
a. Switch to the Responses tab.
b. Click More (three-dot icon).
c. Click Select response destination. Here you can either create a new spreadsheet or add the responses as another tab to an existing spreadsheet.

2. How to Receive Notifications for Submissions of Google Forms?
If you would like to receive email notifications when someone submits your form, you can set this up in just two clicks. Click the More (three-dot icon) button on the Responses tab and select Get email notifications for new responses. The email address you will receive responses to is the address for the account you use to log in to Google Forms.

3. How to Insert Google Forms Multiple Pages?
To spruce up your form and make it seem more manageable to respondents, it's possible to add multiple pages by inserting sections. Go to the last block on your page and click the Add Section button from the toolbar. You can assign a header and description to each page, which allows you to clearly separate questions of a certain kind or for a specific type of respondent.

4. How to Add a Timer to your Google Form?
In case you want to set a custom timer for your google form so that the respondents should only be able to fill and submit your form in a certain duration, you can do so easily by integrating Boloforms Google add on. Here are the steps-
a.Go to the top right corner and click on add ons and open BoloForms add on for Google Forms.
b.Your Form will be migrated to BoloForms
c.Click on Edit Form
d.Go to Settings
e.Enable timer option and scroll down to TImer Settings
f.Enter the precise Date & Time on which you want to open and close the Google Form.
g.Share the Boloforms Link with your friends and relax while Boloforms handles all the complexity behind closing the form.

5. How to Embed an iFrame of Your Google Form?
If you want to use Google Forms to create a contact form for your website or for some other purpose where it's useful to embed the form as an iFrame, it's easy to do so.

Click Send on the top right of the form page. Then, click the Embed icon, adjust the width and height of your iFrame if you like, and click Copy. You can then paste the code where you need it.

6. How to Create an Auto-Grading Quiz using Google Forms?
For teachers, an auto-grading quiz in Google Forms is an effortless way to save some time. To set this up, switch to the Settings tab and enable Make this a quiz.

Further options will then appear beneath this, like whether a respondent should see their grade immediately, whether they can see what they got wrong, and more.

Each time you add a question to your quiz, you can assign it a point value and provide feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

7. How to Obtain a Pre-Filled Google Form Link?
You might want to pre-fill some answers on a form for your respondents. For example, you could use this to jumpstart a contact form on your website. Click More on the top right of the form page (next to Send) and then select Get pre-filled link. Next, just fill the form out as you would like the respondents to do for any given question and click Get Link.

You'll then see on the bottom left that your link is ready; just click Copy Link and then paste it where you want to share it.

8. How to Add Logic Branching to Google Forms?
Logic branching is a fancy way of saying that your respondent will go to a particular page based on the answer they give. For instance, if you say you're Australian, the questions will relate to Australian regions. If you choose a certain age range as an answer, you could have age-appropriate questions afterward.

You can use this for any question where the user can give one answer from a choice of set answers. Click the More (three-dot icon) button for the question and pick Go to section based on answer.

Then select where you want to direct your respondent from the dropdown box. You can also have them submit the form instead of sending them to a new section.

9. How to open and close a Google Form at a set date and time?
You can do this easily by installing BoloForms- The Google Forms Add On App. Now, click on the top right corner of the forms and open the BoloForms Add On.
Your Form will be migrated to BoloForms
Click on Edit Form
Go to Settings
Enable timer option and scroll down to TImer Settings
Enter the precise Date & Time on which you want to open and close the Google Form.
Share the Boloforms Link with your friends and relax while Boloforms handles all the complexity behind closing the form.

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