Send Google Sheets™ data (text or image url) to Google Slides™ using slide templates with replaceable tokens. Similar to mail merge.
Listing updated:July 11, 2024
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Streamline your slide creation process and boost productivity with the powerful "Bulk Text Image Merge" app for Google Slides™. This revolutionary tool simplifies the task of creating engaging presentations by allowing you to quickly replace text and image placeholders within a Google Slides™ template. Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and hello to hours saved!

Key Features:

Effortless Slide Creation: Create multiple slides quickly by entering text and image URLs in a Google Sheets™ spreadsheet. Our intelligent script will automatically replace text and image placeholders in your Google Slides™ template, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting.

Seamless Text and Image Replacement: Customize your slides effortlessly by specifying the desired text and image placeholders in the spreadsheet. With Bulk Text Image Merge, you can easily update content and personalize your slides without the hassle of manual editing.

Automation for Repetitive Tasks: Automate the process of replacing text and images across multiple slides, saving you valuable time. No more tedious manual work—simply input the information in the spreadsheet, and let the app handle the rest.

Boosted Productivity and Time Savings: Experience significant time savings as Bulk Text Image Merge accelerates the slide creation process. With this app, you can generate a series of slides with consistent formatting in a fraction of the time, allowing you to focus on content refinement and other important tasks.

Versatile Use Cases: Bulk Text Image Merge caters to a wide range of professionals across various industries:

Social Media Managers: Quickly create stunning pins for Pinterest, images for Facebook, or other social media platforms.
YouTubers: Generate multiple eye-catching thumbnails for review videos, enhancing visual appeal.

Teachers: Create multiple worksheets and homework assignments effortlessly, saving valuable time and effort.
Amazon KDP Kindle Direct Publishers: Easily produce activity books, puzzle books, word search books, high content books, low content books, and more. Combine spreadsheet data with image and text together.

Bloggers: Design website featured images and blog images, add watermarks or text to photos, and effortlessly enhance visuals.
Streamline your slide creation process and unlock the full potential of Google Slides™ with Bulk Text Image Merge. Empower yourself to create impactful images/presentations efficiently and effortlessly. Get started today and revolutionize your productivity!

Supports the Following Additional Workflow
- Create Google Slides™ from Google Sheets™ 
- Export Google Sheets™ to Google Slides™ or Improve your Google Spreadsheet to Slides™ workflow.
- Merge Your Sheets data whether it be text or image urls and import them accordingly into Google Slides.
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