Complete email signature management for Google Workspace
Listing updated:August 8, 2023
Bybrand is a powerful tool designed specifically for IT managers, HR professionals, and marketers that accelerates the creation and management of professional Google Workspace email signatures. It streamlines the standardization of corporate email communications, thereby enhancing productivity and time efficiency.

The integration to Google Workspace offered by Bybrand eliminates tedious tasks like updating Gmail email signatures. There's no longer a need for complex tutorials or individual machine visits - with Bybrand, it's straightforward.

Bybrand extends a 30-day free trial and allows for the crafting of cutting-edge HTML email signatures that can act as a potent branding tool. These Google Workspace email signatures are not just modern but also professional in appearance.

Every day, many emails are sent by a company, making it a great opportunity to spread the word about their brand. To make the most of this, a stylish signature should be placed at the end of each email. This signature can be used to capture the reader's attention.

Gains from adopting Bybrand include:

- Making it easy to update any Gmail user's email signature with just one click;
- Sparing time by avoiding the necessity to visit each device or send intricate instructions;
- Enhancing the brand;
- Setting up Gmail alias signatures;
- Backing up Google Workspace multi-domains;
- Allowing importing users from Workspace Groups;
- Deploying standard signatures for multiple users;
- Revealing essential contact information such as phone number, email, and address;
- Making HTML email signatures clickable.
- Bulk-update and Bulk-send.
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Bybrand for Google Workspace™ will need access to your Google account
This will allow Bybrand for Google Workspace™ to :
See, edit, create, or change your email settings and filters in Gmail
Manage your sensitive mail settings, including who can manage your mail
View and manage the provisioning of groups on your domain
View and manage group subscriptions on your domain
View group subscriptions on your domain
View groups on your domain
View and manage the provisioning of users on your domain
View and manage user aliases on your domain
View user aliases on your domain
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See your primary Google Account email address
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