Create Google calendar events automatically: - add events to a Google Calendar from a Google Sheet automatically. - create an event from a Google Form submission.
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Create an events calendar and manage it with ease. 

Calendar Events Creator automates connections between Google Sheets, Google Forms and Google Calendar. Main function: sheet to a calendar, form to a calendar. You can transfer your data from a different spreadsheet or form to Google Calendar. Events Creator is the easiest way to add events to Google Calendar from a Google Sheets spreadsheet. It's one of the best choices for appointment scheduling.

Just use this Calendar Events Creator to make an integration to create Google Calendar events from new Google Sheets spreadsheet rows - once you set it up, calendar events creator will watch your spreadsheet for new rows, and then whenever you add something to your spreadsheet calendar events creator will turn it into a new event in your Google Calendar account automatically.

Calendar events creator creates multiple events using your spreadsheet data. The add-on sends data entry from spreadsheet to your calendar to create new events automatically. Use for booking. You can submit Google form to create Google calendar event, create Google calendar events from your Google form.

Delete the events from the spreadsheet /table.
Update calendar events automatically.
Rapidly create events.
Customize event fields such as event title, event description, event location.
Scheduling solution for businesses
You can use Google form and Google Calendar to create low-cost booking and reservation systems.

Add event to different calendars - spreadsheet to calendars.
Delete events.
Customize event fields. 
Export data from Google Spreadsheets to Google Calendar.
Export data from Google form to Google calendar.
View calendar event after created.
Invite guests.

After the trial ( 15 events total), purchase a license to get more quota. Pricing:

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See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar
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