Create Canned Responses with Attachments and share with Teams. Also works on iPhone & Android.
Listing updated:February 2, 2023
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Canned Responses Ultimate is Best Productivity Add-on for Gmail and Gsuite users. It allows you to Respond to Repetitive emails 10x faster-improving response times and letting you save your productive time from repetitive tasks! 

A Quick Summary of Features: 

➤ Create unlimited Canned Responses in Gmail with Attachments and organize under different categories
➤ Supports Rich text/ HTML email content with embedded images
➤ Copy-Paste content and retain perfect formatting while saving mail templates.
➤ Preset From/To/cc/bcc/Subject fields to auto-populate for an individual response or inherit settings from category
➤ Shared Canned Response Bank for Teams. One-click Sharing & management of canned responses with team members. Avoid repetitive setup, create and make responses accessible to the team in few clicks instantly. 
➤ Quickly search for personal and shared Canned Responses by keywords.
➤ Delegate Canned Responses to other team members for editing. 
➤ Import your existing canned responses from Default Canned Response in Gmail (Templates).
➤ Access and work in sync from Mobile devices / Tablets running Android. Now works on iPhone as well.
➤ Regular product updates
➤ Free Premium Support, we respond within 24 hrs :)

Create and organize unlimited professional canned responses in Rich Text/ HTML format under multiple categories. It doesn't stop at that we enable you to set custom fields like To/Cc/Bcc to auto-fill and take care of some complex workflows needed in Teams. E.g., Some of the mails need to be Cc'ed to Supervisor.  

Hang on; there is more! We also support adding attachments to canned responses, a feature long-awaited by Gmail and Gsuite users.  

We have simplified creating canned responses as mere copy-paste content from any emails and save as a Gmail template, and it retains the formatting. 

Few of us use Alias accounts with our Gmail account. Canned responses Ultimate allows you to set custom From field while saving the canned response, so whenever you respond, it will automatically choose the right email-account while sending emails.

You will notice a considerable improvement in Personal & Team Productivity with the feature of Shared Canned Responses for Teams as the time to response will come down considerably, resulting in happy and satisfied clients!  You and Team members would benefit a lot as you would now clear your mailbox with lightning-fast responses!   

Free vs. Paid version of Canned Responses Ultimate

The add-on is free and fully functional. Paid version lets you do much more in comparison to Free version:

➤ Create an unlimited number of Categories and canned responses for Gmail Vs. Only 20 allowed in the Free version. 
➤ Unlock advanced options in the paid version like One Click sharing / Delegation with Team members, Enable Attachments Support, Preset custom fields for Canned Responses To/Cc/Bcc/ From( Alias Accounts), Import Existing canned responses from Default Canned Response (Templates) in Gmail. 

How to upgrade to Paid Version of Canned Responses Ultimate?

➤ Click Upgrade > On the next Screen Click Buy > After placing order > Click Activate License to activate. 

➤ Pricing 

Canned Responses Ultimate for Individuals: Avail Limited time Special Discount @ US$29 per year  Regular Price US$49 per year

Canned Responses Ultimate for Domain Users: Please Visit our Website to check discounted pricing for bulk users


We usually respond within 24 hrs.

Canned Responses Ultimate is better compared to canned responses offered by google labs and best alternative to having text based boilerplates  email templates.
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Canned Responses Ultimate for Gmail will need access to your Google account
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Heather Kohler
November 17, 2023
I loved having the canned response but the icon doesn't populate on my New Messages anymore. I don't have a way of adding the canned responses I've already created. I've tried shutting it down and restarting the browser and it still doesn't show. Also saving the templates is not user friendly AT ALL.
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Ketan Kashikar
April 11, 2023
I have been using this add-on for last couple of month and till date the experience has been very good. Before finalising on this add-on I did try couple of them but found this most professionally made. Apart from the features and utility another best thing about this add-on is the support team behind it. There were some glitches which had cropped upi few days back due to some charges at google's end and the add-on had stopped working. I am glad the the technical support received after raising the ticket was quick and very efficient and the issue was resolved in reasonable time. Would definitely recommend this add-on.
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Info General
July 8, 2023
This is such a helpful add-on, but what stood out was the customer service, for their quick and thorough personalized assistance- thanks Stephen!
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Profile Picture
Aline Schwartz
April 7, 2023
Very helpful app that I really recommend! I also had great help from Stephen when a technical problem occurred ! 5 stars !
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Steve Buller
July 13, 2023
It rarely loads correctly in Brave browser even with shields down.
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Tomas Penka
May 24, 2023
Good app, working almost always, the UX is a bit worse (the editing of the saved responses is very difficult to find), but usable
Is this review helpful?
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Accounts Receivable
June 17, 2022
We love the program. Unfortunately its very difficult to change existing templates, adjust things, ect. Potentially would be better if we used a paid version but the free one is sufficient if it just worked. We can see the templates by accessing the icon in individual emails but the larger menu is always empty. Only randomly populates. Just says "get started by opening an email or conversation" even when you have a new message open.
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Rocky Mortensen
April 24, 2022
Doesnt even work half of the time!
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Luke B
July 23, 2020
The free version isn't as intuitive as I'd hoped. Unlike others it hasn't stopped working on me yet, but you can't edit the responses you make once they're saved apparently. Can't seem to delete them either. I'm thinking of just keeping a Notepad++ page open with the responses I want and just copy/paste.
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Soren Madsen
July 30, 2021
I have used the free version for 20 templates the past year. The app is full of bugs and errors but the product looks like something that could have potential. I'd recommend having a look at their free version. Within a year or two it may be worth to upgrade, when the product is free of bugs and errors all of which I have reported to the team. However I upgraded now to see if it thus works better
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