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Listing updated:November 28, 2023
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With over 80 million certificates delivered, thousands of businesses, schools, and other organizations are benefiting from the power and ease of Certify'em. It has just what you need to generate and issue certificates online: customizable templates, email delivery, detailed records, and QR codes for verification.  Harness the power of Google Forms™ by turning them into online, certification exams for free with Certify'em. With simple to use controls and minimal setup, you can now send customizable PDF certificates to anyone who passes your online exam! Use one of the professionally designed certificate templates included, or design your own. Everyone who passes your exam will receive their own personalized copy as a PDF email attachment with a unique certificate ID and optional QR code to verify authenticity. And you'll be able to keep track of who has passed, and who hasn't, using the spreadsheet of records that Certify'em automatically creates and maintains! 

"We give out certificates to webinar participants for their personal or professional use... Your app is really useful, makes our work more efficient and also avoids printing paper.  Thank you so much."
        -- Lucky,  United Nations Population Fund

"Certify'em has been amazing!  I've been looking for years to get exams to automatically generate certificates when teaching classes... and this is by far the only platform capable of doing what I need it to do and is FREE!  It's also super user friendly and even for someone not tech savvy such as myself, it took no time at all to set up and has saved me countless hours already.  Great product and highly recommended."
        -- Eric,  EMT Training LLC

Certify'em makes issuing certificates easy and affordable! And it is perfect for a variety of purposes in small and large organizations alike, including: job & skills training, student rewards, webinar attendance, safety training, policy compliance, and client education. 

Give it a try for free today and see if it is right for you! Learn more at

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