CertifySimple lets you leverage the power of Google Sheets, Google Slides and Gmail to Create and Send Personalise Certificates in bulk .
Listing updated:December 20, 2023
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With CertifySimple you can use Google Slides to Edit or Create, Google Sheets to Personalise and Gmail to Sending personalise certificates in personalise emails.

Generate Certificates in bulk in less than 5 minutes.
visit: certifysimple.app/get-started

CertifySimple generates certificates in bulk and also send personalised email with pdf certificate attached to all students 

CertifySimple is a bulk certificate generator, and can be used to create printable certificates too.

Overall CertifySimple is the best software to create and send certificates online.

Features Include:

- Mail Merge & Personalized Certificates:
Send upto 1500 Personalised Emails with their Generated Certificates per day.

- Track Emails:
Keep Track of Email Opens percentage and even per email and more. [In Progress]

- Get Started For Free
Just Install and start using 

- Use Canva Certificate Templates
You can use canva certificate template with certifysimple and create them in bulk.

- Create Certificate or Edit Template
You can create certificates from scratch or use the one mentioned on our website certifysimple.app 

- Docs @ certifysimple.app/docs
He have in depth docs to help you in every part of journey if something missing send us a mail at sanskar@certifysimple.app

CertifySimple is Quickest & Affordable way to Generate Certificates in Bulk.

Words by Developer:
My name is Sanskar and i taught flutter on youtube.com/sanskartiwari when i organised workshops generating certificates took a lot of time or required expensive software

CertifySimple is made to simplify the process to less than 3-4 Clicks and is the most affordable option available.

Give it a try and if face any problem please send a email at sanskar@certifysimple.app 

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Profile Picture
M. Firdaus
April 4, 2023
This Google Form extension is very useful, user-friendly and flexibles. I propose that the e-certificate have options to convert to pdf and this will have automatic URL also such as Google Slide URLs. Thank you so much
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Profile Picture
Bilal Khan
May 26, 2022
BOARD OF INTERMEDIATE & SECONDARY EDUCATION, LAHORE Roll No: 193509 Registration No: 10141-23902-2014 SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE (ANNUAL) EXAMINATION,2016 GROUP: SCIENCE Pic Student Name: AHMAD BILAL Father Name: UMER ALI Date Of Birth: 20/09/1999 Institution/District: ASIM SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL FOR BOYS, AWAN MARKET 17-KM FEROZPUR ROAD, LAHORE SUBJECT MAXIMUM MARKS MARKS OBTAINED TOTAL STATUS TH PR TOTAL TH-I TH-II PR-II URDU 75+75=150 -- 150 42 54 -- 96 PASS ENGLISH 75+75=150 -- 150 25 20 -- -- FAIL ISLAMIYAT 50+50=100 -- 100 41 36 -- 77 PASS PAKISTAN STUDIES 50+50=100 -- 100 24 42 -- 66 PASS MATHEMATICS 75+75=150 -- 150 41 43 -- 84 PASS PHYSICS 75+75=150 0 150 30 26 D 56 PASS CHEMISTRY 75+75=150 0 150 30 19 D -- FAIL BIOLOGY 75+75=150 0 150 25 14 A -- FAIL TOTAL 1100 MARKS OBTAINED: --- The candidate has failed in both parts. Therefore he/she should appear in full subjects next time. NOTE: (i)This provisional result intimation is issued as a notice only. Errors and omissions excepted. If a candidate finds any discrepancy in the Result Intimation or desires correction in any of the particulars, he/she may contact the Board within 30 days after declaration of the result. Any entry appearing in it does not itself confer any right or privilege independently for the grant of proper certificate, which will be issued under the Rules/ Regulations. (ii)The Star (*) indicates that the candidate has passed the subject/s with concessional marks under Board Rule. In case he/she is not willing to accept the concessional marks, necessary permission to reappear in the subject/s may be obtained within the schedule for submission of admission form and fee for the next immediate examination provided he/she has the chance/s to re-appear as a compartment candidate in the said examination. (iii)Candidate intending to apply for re-checking of his/her paper/s may apply Online within 15 days after declaration of the result. (iv)A candidate intending to improve his/her grade or marks are allowed to appear in Subject/s or Part-I or Part-II or both with one examination opportunity within one year of passing relevant examination in the same group/subjects in current/prevalent syllabus. If the candidate qualified subject/s with concessional marks, he/she will also have to appear and qualify in those subject/s for improvement of marks/grade. In case a candidate fails to improve his/her marks/grade in any part or subject/s, his/her previous result will remain i
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Profile Picture
Patrick McGhee
May 18, 2022
This is an excellent app which takes the hard work out of producing certificates. The developer is very responsive to suggestions and bug reports. Advantages -------------------- Simple to use Uses a pop-up dashboard from within Google Slides Generates certificates rapidly (usually within less than 5 minutes, often within 1 minute) Enables user to check certificates are OK and good to go after generation and *before* emailing Covering email that goes with the certificates is customisable and has integrated mail merge functionality. Really useful feature. Facility within the dashboard to put the certificates when generated into a separate folder so they don't clog up your My Drive or parent folder which holds the student data file Easily integrated with Canva so you can create high quality certificates in the first place and download to Google Slides for use with the app Each certificate's google URL is saved in the same Google Sheet the student data file Dashboard has useful link after certificate production to the Send Folder to check what has been sent out. Easy to incorporate links to new courses / student news page etc in covering letter either as a permanent link for all covering emails or can be amended for each individual student cohort Excellent value for money. Cons --------------- Requires a little bit of knowledge of how Google sheets and Slides work (including the use of add-ons). No badges or cumulative certificates page that are a feature of very expensive Certificate programmes. Users trying to generate a large number of certificates (maybe 50+ or so per batch) may run up against Google's built-in limits - but the app enables (manual) processing of batches within files as a workaround.
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Rodeo Dog LLC
July 9, 2023
Have reached out to the developers multiple times to upgrade. Told it was free. Not heard back. Do not download this add-on. Big waste of our time learning to use this add-on only to be ignored when wanting to use the software in its full package.
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Calvin Sue
February 20, 2022
Certifysimple is a great online certificate maker. It's easy to use as you just need to have an add on to your google slide. I've created certificates for students within minutes and within 5 minutes can email them out. Also, the support from Sanskar is excellent! Highly recommended for your online course or training. Pros: Can customize email and add student names Certificates can be customized and emailed in bulk automatically The certificate comes as an email attachment Just need student names and emails in a google sheet document Can send up to 500 emails per day for gmail Certificates can be previewed before sending Cons: Would like to see more automation in collecting student details Though the process is quite simple, having a step by step process would be helpful
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Profile Picture
Certificate Pmx
September 27, 2022
CertifySimple is cool and I'm satisfied with the customer service. Highly recommended!
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Profile Picture
Tri-County Association Executive
October 5, 2023
how do I upgrade????
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lord maya
February 9, 2022
Its si good
Is this review helpful?
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