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Turn data into visual stories, design 50+ beautiful charts and graphs in no time. Delight your customers with intuitive Google Sheets Data Visualizations. No coding required.
Listing updated:December 2, 2021
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Simply Powerful:
ChartExpo is a Google Sheets Data Visualization tool that makes it simple to gain insights from your boring spreadsheets. Simple is not basic. Simple is powerful. When you solve a complex data problems with a simple chart or graph, the result is monumental. It is the “Aha!’ moment that seems so simple, yet produces such profound change. You can create network diagrams, flowcharts, comparison charts, sentiment graphs, survey graphs, PPC (Pay per click) charts using ChartExpo chart maker.

Overwhelmed With Data, Starving For Insight:
Data is useless without insights. Your problem is not that you lack data. Your problem is that there is not enough time and resources to analyze your data for advanced analytics. Spreadsheets are helpful for collecting and organizing information, but fail to bridge the gap between your data and the insights you seek. You need to visualize your data. You need to chart the numbers and know flow of your data (e.g. Energy Flow Diagram, finance charts etc.).

Accessible Insights:
Manually analyzing data with data visualization tools requires coding and endless clicking through spreadsheets. ChartExpo graph maker is effortless. You can create visualizations in three clicks. Insights that have always felt out of reach are now right at your fingertips with this cool charts library.

Learn The Language Of Data:
Your data holds insights that are hidden behind the walls of spreadsheet numbers. Visualizations translate the language of numbers into charts that spark innovation. Visualizations enable fast comprehension because your eyes are better at absorbing visual information. Visualizing your data with charts on web saves you valuable time. Business Intelligence (BI) uses historical data for future prediction and views on Business Data.
Data visualization will make your digital transformation a success. The complex data transformation into visual indicators like financial dashboards, graphic reports and analytical graphs is frequently used to increase business growth.

Make Competitive Decisions:
Import competitor analysis data and discover actionable insights at a glance and accelerate your decision making and problem solving with visualizations. Become your competitors’ biggest threat with faster, smarter and data-driven decisions, while they waste time and energy with manual analysis.

Find The Unexpected:
Charting libraries help you cut through the noise of chaotic data sets, you uncover new trends, relationships and patterns. Visualizations show you what you never expected to find. Start connecting the dots you didn’t even know existed and find deeper answers in your data. It has ready-to-use machine learning and (NLP) natural language processing (sentiment) charts to provide pertinent insights. 

Data visualization toolkit can help data engineers, data scientists, BI specialists, visualization engineers, business analytics, statisticians, financial analysts and researchers to make critical business decisions for individuals and corporations.

Visualizations play a significant role in helping in communicating insights in the energy sector, financial services, retailers, pharmaceutical, fleet management, warehouse management, inventory management, process management, project management, transportation & logistics, healthcare, pharmaceutical, service providers, travel agencies, recruiting agencies, education, technology, banking, insurance, telecom, ecommerce, supply chain management, marketing and all other enterprise organizations and businesses.

Share and Publish Charts:
       •	Download the dataviz as PNG and JPG
       •	Embed chart templates and reporting templates in blogs or websites
       •	Post on social media
       •	Create presentations, dashboards & Reports from charts and graphs

Custom Charts with Ease:
ChartExpo chart designer for Google Sheets provides a rich properties framework to customize your charts, you can customize colors, fonts, styles, backgrounds etc. Save time preparing customizable visualizations for your presentations, insert them directly into your Google Slides, and convey your message effectively—you don't need any design skills, only your data, and ideas. Simply better than d3 charts. Visual report development making easy for business users and developers.

Improve your business reports, presentations and dashboards using modern charts.

Improve financial portfolio and decision KPIs (e.g., ROI, NPV, revenues, expenses, cash flow analysis, forecast reporting etc.)
Business Analysts - if you're looking for a quick and easy rich charts application like PowerBI and/or Tableau, you'll love this product!

ChartExpo for Google Sheets has a number of advance charts types that make it easier to find the best chart or graph from charts gallery for marketing reports and data analysis:

     1.	Sankey Diagram
     2.	Bar Charts
     3.	Line Graphs
     4.	Pie and Donut Charts
     5.	Slope Graph
     6.	Radar Chart
     7.	Pareto Chart 
     8.	Comparison Charts
     9.	Scatter Plot
    10.	Stacked Bar Chart
    11.	Stacked Column Chart
    12.	Area Charts
    13.	Treemap Chart
    14.	Gauge Chart
    15.	Sparkline Chart
    16.	Sunburst Chart
    17.	Star Rating Chart
    18.	Likert Scale Chart (5 Point Likert Scale Chart)
    19.	CSAT Score Chart (NPS Chart) 
    20.	Map Charts
    21.	Word Cloud and Tag Cloud
    22.	Chord Diagram
    23.	Dot Plot
    24.	Radial Chart
    25.	Partition Chart
    26.	Co-Occurance Chart    
    27.	Dayparting Chart
    28.	Funnel Chart
    29.	Progress Chart
    30.	CSAT Score Survey Chart (NPS Detail Chart)
    31.	Customer Satisfaction Chart
    32.	Sentiment Trend Chart
    33.	Double Axis Line and Bar Chart (Combo Chart)
    34.	Vertical Axis Line Chart
    35.	Multi Series Line Chart
    36.	Matrix Chart
    37.	Quality Score Chart
    38.	Performance Bar Chart
    39.	Crosstab Chart	
    40.	Customer Journey Flow (Sankey Diagram)
    41.	Energy Flow Diagram (Sankey Diagram)
    42.	Energy Flow Charts (Sankey Diagram)
    43.	Solar Energy Diagram (Sankey Diagram)	
    44.	Wind Energy Diagram (Sankey Diagram)
    45.	Nuclear Energy Diagram (Sankey Diagram)
    46.	Customer Journey Map (Sankey Diagram)
    47.	Context Diagram (Force Directed Graph)
    48.	Text Relationship Chart
    49.	Credit Score Chart
    50.	Sequence Chart
    51.	Spider chart
    52.	Polar chart	
    53.	Components Trend Chart (Control Chart)	
ChartExpo charting tool is free for the first 7 days. After this no-risk trial, the service costs $10 per user per month. You can sign up from the add-on and use it for creating your daily reports and monthly reports.

Simplify your spreadsheets with ChartExpo Google Sheets live charts and data visualizations, see what you’ve been missing in your business reports. Visualize your data with useful charts in few clicks and create management reports quickly.

If you are working on data science projects and looking for insightful visualizations and colorful charts, ChartExpo can help you with awesome charts.

You can Import PostgreSQL (Postgres) data into Google Sheets and make advance visualizations. ChartExpo is code less environment (no code / zero code) for data storytelling to make charts online, you can effectively use advance charts even if you don’t have hands-on experience with Python, Matplotlib or Pandas libraries.

If you are looking for interactive charts for Crypto Charting. You are at the right place to get the popular charts!

Picture a Thousand Numbers.
See the Big Picture.

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A User of ChartExpo™ – Best Data Visualization Tool
September 11, 2019
It is very helpful and fantastic add-on for creation of Charts from google sheet data.
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learning era
August 30, 2020
Such a amazing and featured rich visualization tool. Its charts like Sankey and Surveys helps me a lot in my dashboard creation.
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Haji Javaid
April 18, 2021
This tool have good and unique visuals. Love this
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Simbario David
July 7, 2021
Easy to create and edit your charts in few clicks, No coding required which is pretty amazing even if you're new to Data Visualization.
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Jannat Papia
September 23, 2021
This is a great resource for data visualization. A tool with variety of good charts like sankey charts and pareto charts.
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Neils Bohar
October 22, 2021
Best resource when it comes to create charts from raw data in Google Sheets
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Amit Sherma
April 24, 2021
Found some insightful visuals for better decision making and understanding.
Is this review helpful?
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May 20, 2021
Found this resource as bag full of beautiful diagrams to present raw data visually, loved it.
Is this review helpful?
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Jaime Julio
May 31, 2021
Awesome tool! A definite and must have for any digital marketer or someone who wants to look at the data.
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nisha rawat
September 27, 2021
One of the best tool
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