Connects confluence cloud to Google Chat™
Listing updated:January 8, 2024
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The app enables users to receive Confluence Cloud notifications in Google Chat™. Stay current on events in Confluence Cloud with personalised notifications.

With the app, your team can:

Customize and receive granular notifications to stay on top of changes across your spaces, pages and blogs in Confluence
Add the app to unlimited Google Chat™ spaces and stay informed on Confluence events with workmates
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PricingFree of charge trial
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Chat for Confluence will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Chat for Confluence will need access to your Google account
This will allow Chat for Confluence to :
See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
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Seyd jahad GHORBI
February 28, 2024
"git clone // 必要があれば dependencies をインストール cd elements ./ ./configure $ pacman -Qs Berkeley DB local/db 5.3.28-5 ./configure make sudo make install which elementsd // /usr/local/bin/elementsd と表示されればok // 任意のディレクトリにインストールする場合は ./configure --help でドキュメント読む mkdir ~/elementsdir1 mkdir ~/elementsdir2 cp ~/elements/contrib/assets_tutorial/elements1.conf ~/elementsdir1/elements.conf cp ~/elements/contrib/assets_tutorial/elements2.conf ~/elementsdir2/elements.conf alias e1-dae="$HOME/elements/src/elementsd -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir1" alias e1-cli="$HOME/elements/src/elements-cli -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir1" alias e2-dae="$HOME/elements/src/elementsd -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir2" alias e2-cli="$HOME/elements/src/elements-cli -datadir=$HOME/elementsdir2" // elements 単独で動かす場合はペグインのチェック不要なので elements.conf の validatepegin を 0に設定、もしくは実行時にパラメータで指定する // あるいは以下 STANDALONEARGS="-validatepegin=0 -defaultpeggedassetname=newasset -initialfreecoins=100000000000000 -initialreissuancetokens=200000000" $ e1-dae $STANDALONEARGS e1-cli -rpcwallet=wallet-2.dat getnewaddress e1-cli -rpcwallet=wallet-1.dat AzpuvxpYaF4X7ws3Y7HL1u5pb596iuDbubge8PpAEeuWnzTo74wUz939g4tDWHxTwAR5XnQu8aRhbzLR e1-cli -rpcwallet=wallet.dat sendtoaddress AzpuvxpYaF4X7ws3Y7HL1u5pb596iuDbubge8PpAEeuWnzTo74wUz939g4tDWHxTwAR5XnQu8aRhbzLR 10 ",sendtoaddress%20AzpuvxpYaF4X7ws3Y7HL1u5pb596iuDbubge8PpAEeuWnzTo74wUz939g4tDWHxTwAR5XnQu8aRhbzLR%2010
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