Free privacy-first ChatGPT Gmail™ add-on for businesses: write emails 15x faster with AI.
Listing updated:January 24, 2024
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Meet Ai Mails, a top-notch Gmail™ add-on powered by GPT-4, the groundbreaking AI technology from OpenAI. With this tool, you can generate professional, tailored responses to your emails in an instant.

✅ Prioritizes privacy. ✅ Quick setup. ✅ Free standard version.


At Ai Mails, your privacy is our priority. Your data remains encrypted with SHA-256 and the key is securely stored in your Gmail account, accessible only by you. We collect only essential data for functionality, complying with laws like GDPR and the California Privacy Act. Your data stays on Google servers, and we do not store your emails. Trust in our commitment to data safety.


1️⃣ Open Gmail™
2️⃣ Compose an email
3️⃣ Click the Ai Mails icon
4️⃣ Write a prompt and set your tone
5️⃣ 'Create Draft' for AI-generated content


💼 Choose a formal or casual tone
↔️ Shorten, expand, or regenerate your email
🗣  Supports 30+ languages
🚀  Premium GPT-4 feature for enhanced responses
📚 Business-specific responses with premium feature


Benefit from our free tier, which includes 100 standard emails. Should you need more, our competitive pricing offers you around 500 standard emails for just $1, making it the most cost-effective solution in the market. 

For enhanced precision in your responses, Ai Mails provides a custom model integration option. This premium feature allows Ai Mails to learn and adapt to your specific business context.


"I'm really impressed with the work that has gone into the project and have been looking into other solutions but yours seems to be the most refined out of the bunch."


Our users include busy professionals, customer support teams, non-native English speakers, executives, and freelancers. They use Ai Mails for personalized emails, newsletters, greetings, event invitations, job applications, and more.


Need help? Visit for guidance.

Join the revolution in email management with Ai Mails. Visit to start today!
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