Best, most stable choice removal, share via high quality image of QR. Remove options from a dropdown or multiple-choice questions.
Listing updated:September 27, 2023
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Choice Eliminator 3 is the best choice eliminator for Google Forms™. Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™ will eliminate options from a multiple-choice, dropdown, or checkbox type of question. Great for signing up for time slots or having students choose topics without doubling up. Choice Eliminator 3 is perfect for sorting out dates like a doctor’s appointment if you want to organize a consultation-hour for your patients. In this case you could use a dropdown or a multiple choice question and so offer different time slots for them.
1) Features of Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™
+ You sets as many limits as you want for choice options
+ Allows you to limit how often specific options to multiple choice questions can be selected. This is useful if , for example, you want to let users book a timeslot and you want to limit how many people can pick a specific timeslot.
+ Support multiple languages
+ This addon speed is much faster than Choice Eliminator 2
+ Please note: If multiple people fill in the form at the same time it's still possible that someone will pick a choice that has already reached its limit. Google Form™ will notify user about that and they will choose another option.
 Form™ will show the messsage "The form is currently processing a submission, please refresh the page." when Choice Eliminator is processing choices removal
2) QR Code Generator features of Choice Eliminator for Google Forms™
Form™ has very long web address and it would be unreasonable to expect students, respondents to type in the whole thing correctly. This is a simple add-on to help you instantly generate and customize the QR of the URL of your Form™,
and then you can add the QR code into your Form™ as an high quality image.
+ Customize QRCode attributes such as content, fill color, background color, label, label position, label font, image, ...
+ If QR Code label is too long, please choose Mode "1-Label-Strip" and Error Correction Level "High" 
+ You can track your QR via Responses tab in the Form™
+ Resize QR on the fly without changing their high quality images
+ Insert branded logo, image into QR
+ Support multiple languages
+ Save QR to file and you can paste to Excel™, Word™, or powerpoint™ (right click on image and choose 'Save Image As' menu)

If Paypal™ is not available in your country. Please contact for alternative payments
+ If you see this warning "ScriptError: Authorization is required to perform that action", please follow this link to fix this issue
+ If you only see help menu after installing, please refresh the Form™ file. If you still have this problem, please uninstall and reinstall add-on and then refresh Form™ again 

You can not share QR code with Choice Eliminator 2 but we add QR Code feature so you can share the form directly. Choice Eliminator 2 is the past. Enjoy Choice Eliminator 3
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