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chromebookInventory enables download and update of the metadata and Org Units of enrolled Chrome devices direct from a Google Sheet.
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The chromebookInventory script is for super-admins only, to be used on Google Apps domains with Chrome Device Management Console licenses -- used to manage Chromebooks.  This script allows you to both export and update your  Chromebook inventory via a Google Sheet.


- Export your entire inventory of Chrome devices into a Google Sheet, including all of the following metadata: etag, Org Unit Path, Serial Number, Platform Version, Device Id, Status, Last Enrollment Time, Firmware Version, Last Sync, OS Version, Boot Mode, Annotated Location', Notes, and Annotated user.

- Make edits to Org unit, Annotated location, Notes, and Annotated user and update your Chrome console directly from any Google Sheet.


- Schools need to keep accurate records of device inventory, including assigned user, device location, and additional notes regarding things like device-condition. This tool makes the work easier.

- No more need for the extra time and expense of barcode scanning upon unboxing -- this tool pulls device serial numbers right from the Chrome Admin console to your Google spreadsheet, along with any metadata you've assigned the machines in Google's Admin panel.

- Helpful for bulk-updating OU on devices following enrollment.
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chromebookInventory solicitará los permisos que se indican abajo. Más información
chromebookInventory necesitará acceder a tu cuenta de Google
Con este permiso, chromebookInventory podrá:
Ver, modificar, crear y eliminar archivos de Google Drive
Ver, editar, crear y eliminar todas tus hojas de cálculo de Hojas de cálculo de Google
Ver y administrar los metadatos de tus dispositivos con Chrome OS.
Ver los metadatos de tus dispositivos con Chrome OS.
Ver y administrar las unidades organizativas de tu dominio.
Ver las unidades organizativas del dominio.
Conectarse a un servicio externo.
Ver y administrar datos asociados a la aplicación.
Ver la dirección de correo electrónico principal de tu cuenta de Google.
Consultar tu información personal, incluida la que has compartido públicamente
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