Classroom Rating is an add-on to Google Sheets for users (users) working with Classroom.
Listing updated:September 14, 2021
Works with:
The idea of ​​the additive:
   1. Facilitating the conversion of 'point grades' hereinafter referred to as 
       'traditional' 'Polish grades' used in schools (satisfactory, good and etc.).
   2. Using the built-in Classroom tool in the process described in item 1, i.e.
        in the Students' assignments view, after selecting [Gear], the item [Copy
        all grades to Google Sheet].

Features of the add-on
   1. Enabling the conversion of points to assess the use of your own 
       conversion scale (individual setting of point thresholds) or predefined 
       conversion factors (linear, progressive, degressive)
   2. Aggregation and archiving and printing of collected grades for easy later
        insertion in journals (traditional or electronic)
   3. Collective analysis of results - average
   4. Introduction of own weights for Tasks (calculation of weighted average)
   5. Editing ready grades - correcting, adding or deleting.
   6. The ability to generate grades multiple times (cumulatively) or once at 
        the end of Classes for all Tasks

   1. The generated worksheet (file name starting with the word Ratings, 
        contains the name of the class and date) can be found saved in the 
        Classroom folder in Google Drive
   2. !!!!! Correct functioning (recalculation) will work only for Classes in which
       Tasks ARE ALWAYS ASSESSED on a 100 POINT SCALE. In a word, make
       sure that each student (including test) can always get a maximum of 100
       points (no less) !!!!!
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