Allow users to play Wheel of Fortune Style Game within Google Slides™
Listing updated:July 11, 2024
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Classroom Wheel Game for Google Slides™
Bring the excitement of a game show to your classroom with the Classroom Wheel Game, an innovative and interactive extension for Google Slides™. Perfect for educators looking to add a fun twist to their lessons, this extension combines the classic thrill of a Wheel of Fortune™-style game with the flexibility and functionality of Google Workspace™.

Key Features:
Predefined Puzzle Boards:

Choose from a variety of preset puzzle boards directly within the Classroom Wheel Game extension, making setup quick and hassle-free.
Customizable Puzzles with Google Sheets™:

Create personalized puzzles by copying our Google Sheets™ template.
Define wheel points (up to 10), including a bankrupt wedge.
Add as many puzzles as you like, each with a unique hint.
Set up team names for up to 4 teams.
Specify points for buying vowels.
Seamless Integration:

Attach your customized Google Sheets™ to Google Slides™ and import your puzzle data.
Each puzzle will be automatically created as a new slide, complete with hints and team names.
Custom Sound Effects:

Use our default sound effects or upload your own for:
Revealing a letter
Incrementing points
Wheel spinning
Incorrect letter buzzer
Bankrupt sound
Interactive Gameplay:

Players can pick letters, buy vowels, or reveal the entire puzzle in each round.
The game tracks team points and displays scores on the slides.
Points are assigned to teams at the end of each round, with scores carrying over to the next puzzle.
Educational Benefits:

Enhances student engagement through interactive learning.
Promotes teamwork and healthy competition.
Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
The Classroom Wheel Game is designed to bring joy and excitement to your educational activities. By integrating with Google Slides™, it provides a seamless experience that leverages the power of Google Workspace™. Get started today and transform your classroom into a game show studio!

Download the Classroom Wheel Game from the Google Workspace™ Marketplace and start spinning the wheel of fun in your classroom!
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