Run Email Validation and Verification directly on Google Sheets
Listing updated:February 23, 2022
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Spreadsheets are a great source to store contact data in bulk, but email verification at regular interval is essential to identify and remove the invalid contacts. Clearout for Google Sheets (COFS) add-on allows to clean, verify and enrich the email database directly on Google Sheets ensuring the contacts are always in high quality and ready to reach.		

With this add-on you can scan bulk contacts in real-time  avoiding the hassle of any import/export or upload/download  avoid spending a fortune on expensive CRMs to maintain the data.
Create a Clearout account to use this add-on -"		

➤ Easy to use. Does not require any special or technical skill.
➤ Real time verification which can start/stop based on your requirement.
➤ Choice to verify a part of the sheet at once
➤ Additional Clearout Standard Columns like 'Clearout reason', 'Clearout safe to send' to comprehend the result better
➤ User can manage verification timeout
➤ Duplicate and empty rows can be removed on demand
➤ Auto-resumption of verification even if the Google Script Timeout occurs 


How to get Clearout for Sheets Add-on?
1. Open the Google Sheet							
2. Click on 'Add-ons' in the 'Menu-Bar'						
3. Search for 'Clearout for Sheets'						
4. Click on 'Install' (If you have an existing account on 'Clearout', well and good otherwise start with creating an account. Get 100 Free credits on successful sign up)							
5. Once installed and signed in, you can take control of the verification with the Clearout window that opens on the right		

How to use Clearout for Google Sheets Add-on?             
1. Once the Add-on is successfully installed, you have to update the API token generated in the Clearout Account.             
2. Change the result 'settings' the way you want            
3. Before starting the verification ensure that either you have a header named 'email' in the 1st row or the emails Id’s begin from the 1st cell of the first column.             
4. The verification happens in real-time and results get updated instantly     

Multiple options have been provided, choose by selecting one or more options.             

By removing duplicate :             
This option removes the duplicates of any email address existing within the same sheet. We charge credits only for verifying the unique emails and not for the duplicates.              
By removing empty :             
This option simply removes any empty space existing within the column containing the email addresses.             
Re-verify if my last verified :             
This option lets you automate the re-verification of the email addresses. You may select a suitable time range after completion of which you would like the email addresses to be re-verified. The time range varies from 1 hour to 24 hours. 1 credit per email will be charged.             
Append clearout standard columns :              
This option lets you add standard columns to your verified results, along with the ‘status’ of the email addresses. Select the check-box of the columns you wish to be included.              
Don't let each verify to take :             
Select the maximum time you can allow for the verification of each email address in the concerned sheet. You may increase or decrease it based on your level of urgency.              
Verify within selected range :              
This option lets you verify the email addresses within a selected range. For Eg: In a sheet full of email addresses you wish to verify the ones in Row 17 to Row 22. Select this option, select the rows/columns to be verified and start the verification. It is that simple.              
Every new user of Clearout gets 100 free credits              
The users are provided the following plans              
- Pay As You Go : Add credits to your account anytime by making a one-time payment              
- Monthly Subscription plan : Pay a fixed amount each month and get fixed credits added to your account automatically             
- Annual Subscription plan: Pay a fixed amount annually and get fixed credits added to your account automatically             
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Clearout Email Verification For Sheets will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Clearout Email Verification For Sheets will need access to your Google account
This will allow Clearout Email Verification For Sheets to :
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anurag kumar
December 22, 2020
Clearout for sheets Email verifier plugin is something which makes my task way easier. I can easily save a lot of time by avoiding the hassle of moving between the task of upload and download of email list. This is a one place store for me. I store and clean email list at the same place - and that's google sheet.
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GnanaPrakash Rathinam
April 4, 2020
Clearout For Sheets add-ons helps me to validate the email addresses within the sheets, Now I could easily filter all my valid leads that are captured from multiple sources through online & offline medium. Not only it does the email validation, but it also freely remove the duplicate, empty email addresses. The option "Verify selected cells" is handy which helps me to choose the range of cells (a subset of leads) to validate the email addresses. Would highly recommend and must to have this add-on in your toolsets
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Bharti Jain
November 5, 2020
The complications involved in importing and exporting bulk data from one tool to another has always kept me dependent on others for getting my work done. But since the time I have started using Clearout for Google sheets, I can handle my work much better. Verification, re-verifying and saving the data directly on Google Sheets sure saves a lot of my time and money.
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A User of Clearout Email Verification For Sheets
April 4, 2020
Excellent! Can do the validation within sheets now :) Needed to clean lists of several thousand before sending to and most of the list I maintain in sheets and was getting difficult to maintain multiple tools to do it with sheets made my life easy. Both for cold outreach and reactivating an old email subscriber list. Clearout for sheets saved me a lot of time to maintain all at one place.
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Krishnendu Das (Digital Krishnendu)
June 7, 2021
Signup denied
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Adrian Vlasiu
September 11, 2020
Fantastic add-on. So far, tested the service against all major email discovery/verification services out there (Hunter,Snovio,, etc) and Clearout is by far the best one in terms of email validation. And the pricing is unbeatable!
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