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Clever Ads is the free solution to moving your marketing data from Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads into Google Sheets.
Detailed Description: 
With Clever Ads, you can effortlessly get detailed information about your marketing data for free. All you have to do is choose your data source and we will input all of it into Google Sheets and create summaries of the data for you! You’ll be able to easily view the most important metrics, all neatly organized on our app. After our system has analyzed your data, , you will be able to get reports at almost any level (campaign, ad, keyword, search queries, countries, etc.).

Here’s what you can do with Clever Ads: 
Connect to Google Ads and Facebook Ads
Work with clean data that’s ready for analysis 
Get the metrics that you need
Access free reports 
Spend your time analyzing data, rather than wasting it collecting it

Enjoy all of these services, and more, for free!
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Laura Sanchez
February 10, 2021
Really useful for managing my advertising data!
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Angeliki Zeaki
April 13, 2021
Hello @prishapramod There was a technical error some days ago, however it's now fixed. Please try to install the add-on again. Thank you
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Prisha Pramod
April 6, 2021
It does not work for me
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