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CloudM for Management
Listing updated:October 27, 2021
Manage your digital workplace with CloudM

Make management easy and automated, all from one single pane of glass

CloudM (formerly CloudManager) puts Google Workspace at the heart of your organization, and helps integrate your SaaS portfolio giving you a true digital workplace.

The more your systems can do for you, the more you can focus on the tough stuff. Automate your joiners, movers, and leavers; take administration out of the hands of your people, manage your license costs effectively, and reap the rewards of having more energy and resource to tackle the big challenges.

Simple Administration

Save time, secure your business and control license costs with powerful and automated administration.

Email Signature Management

Design, set-up and manage email signatures dynamically for all users in your organization at the touch of a button.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Empower your employees to be productive from day one, save costs and increase security with automated deprovisioning.

SaaS Integrations

Visualize your digital workplace and save time, money and effort by managing multiple licenses at-a-glance.

Actionable Insights

Continually improve the adoption and security of your productivity suite with powerful monitoring and visual reporting.

Self-serve IT

Reduce the strain on your IT teams and improve efficiency across the business by allowing users to troubleshoot and solve their own issues.

The following languages are supported:

- English (US)
- English (UK) 
- French - Français
- Spanish - Español
- Italian - Italiano
- Portuguese - Português

Want to find out more?  Visit or call us on +44 161 250 7728
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CloudM - Manage will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
CloudM - Manage will need access to your Google account
This will allow CloudM - Manage to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
See, edit, create, and delete all of your Google Drive files
See, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app
See and edit your email labels
Read, compose, and send emails from your Gmail account
See, edit, create, or change your email settings and filters in Gmail
Manage your sensitive mail settings, including who can manage your mail
See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar
See, edit, download, and permanently delete your contacts
See, edit, download, and permanently delete your contacts
View your circles and the people and pages in them
Manage your circles and add people and pages. People and pages you add to your circles will be notified. Others may see this information publicly. People you add to circles can use Hangouts with you.
Manage your domain settings
Manage the email settings of users on your domain
View and manage your Chrome OS devices' metadata
Manage your mobile devices by performing administrative tasks
View and manage the provisioning of domains for your customers
View and manage the provisioning of groups on your domain
View and manage organization units on your domain
View and manage the provisioning of users on your domain
See info about users on your domain
Manage data access permissions for users on your domain
View and manage the provisioning of user schemas on your domain
View audit reports for your G Suite domain
View and manage the settings of a G Suite group
View and manage G Suite licenses for your domain
See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
Manage your sites
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Ashley Boose
March 21, 2014
I have performed an exhaustive search for a Google Apps integrated program that allows me to manage employee email signatures and edit user profile data for our company. Most of the other programs I tried didn’t meet our needs in one way or another and were very pricey. When I finally came across CloudPages, I was SO relieved because it had exactly what I was looking for and was very user-friendly. Plus, most of the features you have to pay for in other programs, you can do for free in CloudPages!
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Thomas Holland
March 24, 2014
We were initially just looking for a service tool to help us manage our employees signatures across our domain so we had a consistent, centrally managed way of doing this. What we found was so much more. We've not yet been able to use all the features in Cloudpages but those that we have so far we really like. Our HR managers likes to be able to set up employees easily in the system and manage them. I like that she finds it easy to do so. Cloudepages is a great investment for any google apps user. I do wish their website was more clear on how they priced and charge for the services. We had to do some digging to understand this but overall that is a minor complaint. If they improve the ability to buy the services, I'd give it 5 stars. If I didn't care about being able find a way to buy the services, I'd still give it 5 stars just because of the functional features and great service.
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Christopher Gleeson
December 11, 2013
Although there's the directory built into Google Apps, it's not user friendly, hard for the average user to find (open your Contacts, go to Directory and then page through lots of contacts) it did not work as a replacement for the one we had in our on-premise mail solution that we migrated from. Setting up Cloudpages was a breeze and very easy to configure. I love that I can set access levels as to what information users can edit by OU or by individuals. This meant I could designate HR with the rights to change nearly all features of a user's profile, while restricting the user rights to their own profile. Additionally we added the customization module so we've been able to embed the directory into another website so the users do not need to leave our 'intranet' to be able to search the directory (or update their own profile). We have also researched the security module portion which allows SSO and customizable login screens, custom password policies, as well as the ability to set Q&A self-service password resets for users. After the New Year we will be implementing that portion as well. Great product, simple to use, re-brandable, customizable, we're very happy to be using it. And as an academic institution, it's even cheaper for us than the already very low price.
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Randy Starkey
March 17, 2015
I really like the email signature feature! Very well designed! Have looked at lots of others but either clunky or very expensive. Cloud pages got it right! We will be checking out some of their other features as we move ahead.
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Jeff Mazerski
December 31, 2013
Very useful all-in-one app for Google apps management. Best signature app on the google marketplace. Very nice contact management features as well.
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Zachary Ruben
August 8, 2014
The features of the platform are pretty powerful. I was specifically looking to get all of my employees in a directory for everyone to commonly find information, and this definitely does that and more. Some of the layouts need tweaking and perhaps a better walk-through of the platform as I didn't realize all of the functions available during the free trial. Otherwise, a pretty solid program.
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Chris Bird
March 20, 2014
Nice little suite of user management apps that brings quite a few missing tools to Google Apps, and makes transitioning that bit less painful for sys admins. Their universal signature feature is excellent!
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A User of CloudM - Manage
March 29, 2016
I have been using CloudPages for the last year to manage employee email signatures and it works great! There are many more features available with CloudPages, but that is the feature I needed and it has done the trick. Very easy to setup and maintain as well. I would highly recommend this product.
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Andrew Royer
July 3, 2013
We started using CloudPages for our internal directory as well as using it as an external contact directory. The maps feature and password tools are very useful as well. We are very happy with Cloud Technology Solutions' newest App!!
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Sherry McVay
November 6, 2013
We had just started using CloudPages and were confused about a feature. Support did a great job of explaining the issue and provided tips for our setup that would help us implement better. We are a school district and are limited in our resources, CloudPages is a great help organizing and managing our Google Apps domain.
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