Publish your doc as a website. Choose a theme, make it pretty. No technical skills required!
Listing updated:April 11, 2023
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*Update: 4/11: Added Color themes and a side nav feature"

Cloudpad publishes your doc (beautifully) to a website with a easy to remember URL.  Turn your doc into a website, simply and without any technical expertise.  You can even choose an out of the box theme, or a navigation panel for various headers in your doc.

How it works:
1) Install the App
2) A Google Doc is shared with you
3) Put anything in that doc
4) Your webpage is ready!
5) Every update you make to the doc is automatically updated on the website within 15 minutes

What can you put in the Google Doc?
Format the doc as you would like it, add links, images or gifs, set a background color.  Anything you can put in the doc automatically is turned into the website.  Cloudpad is the world's first doc based website maker.

When does my website get created and update?
Once you sign up, your website is up and running within 5 minutes.  Any updates you make to your doc are reflected on your website within 10 minutes. Write a blog, host a resume, list your business, create a personal portfolio -- the options are endless, and it takes, literally, less than one minute to get started.  Making a webpage has never been easier, Cloudpad is the world's easiest website maker.

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