A syntax highlighter for code snippets
Listing updated:August 4, 2023
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This add-on provides support for code segments and code spans.

Similarly to markdown code segments (aka code blocks) are delimited with triple back-ticks and code spans with single back-ticks.

Additionally, the add-on changes #-heading lines to their corresponding Google Docs™ headings.

When using the 'Colorize' menu item, the add-on finds all code segments and code spans, as well as the headings and handles them. It also updates existing code segments.

The 'Colorize Selection' menu syntax-highlights the current selection according to the chosen language. If no text is selected, does nothing.

The 'Change mode' menu changes the current code segment (where the cursor is) to the chosen language. If the cursor is not in a code segment, does nothing.
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Baker Sharp
July 18, 2023
It does what is says on the tin, and it's open source! Also like that it asks for far fewer permissions than Code Blocks
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Conny Gu
August 27, 2023
Very useful addon! Thanks for the work!
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Yale Work
March 11, 2022
I'm liking this way better than Code Blocks. It parses your content by itself to do its formatting, rather than me having to select portions manually. And I can use tick marks like I'm used to. It's also superior to other formatters in that, if your code block is at the bottom of the doc, it puts a newline after it. (Without that, you can't put the cursor below the block. So you have to put it inside the block, in which case the block expands when you hit return.) Caveat: I've only been using it for a day.
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Ryan Dietrich
April 16, 2022
I typed: ``` var foo = 'bar'; ``` I clicked the add-on, and clicked "colorize", and it promptly broke.
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