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Coefficient is the easiest way to integrate with all your favorite data sources and APIs with Google Sheets - no coding required!
Listing updated:September 22, 2022
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Coefficient is a no-code solution that connects your spreadsheets to your company systems to accelerate your work. Easily sync Google Sheets to business systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Analytics, Redshift, Looker, MySQL, any API, database, and data warehouses. 

This empowers you to build the reports and dashboards you want in the fastest and most flexible way.

Using Coefficient you can automatically import all of your data into one place in Google Sheets, and easily summarize it, filter it, create pivot tables or cloud pivot tables, chart it, and integrate it with other data.  You can build custom dashboards and reports, alters, query, join, sync, and manipulate your data.  No more cutting and pasting CSV files, importrange or other difficult ways to combine data and spreadsheets.


►Goodbye, Exports. Hello, Live Data
⇨ Pull live data from your systems when you need it - no coding required.

►Never Build the Same Report Twice
⇨ Get out of copy/paste hell by automatically refreshing your data on any schedule.

►Make Data Actionable
⇨ Keep the right people up to date at the right time with native Slack and email alerts.


► 1-Click Connections

Connect to your systems in one click. Pull your data instantly into Google Sheets.

* Sync with Salesforce, Looker, Snowflake, Redshift, Google Analytics, Hubspot, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CSV, and other Google Sheets
* Connect to any objects or reports to pull data into Google Sheets in a few clicks

► Customizable Imports

Work with only the data you need. Filter, sort & limit any data set.

* Import data from your business systems, databases, data warehouses or other sheets and CSVs 
* Leverage  existing reports or build a custom report using data from any system
* Use Coefficient filters to work with only the data you need
* Easily add new data from new or existing imports

► Auto-Refreshes

Never build the same analysis twice. Automatically refresh your data on any schedule.

* Live refreshes at the click of a button
* Schedule data to update hourly, daily or weekly
* Share any report and let team members refresh data across your organization

► Alerting

Track the signals you care about. Trigger Slack & email notifications to your team on any changes in your spreadsheet.

*Choose any cell or range of cells to trigger a notification when data changes
*Trigger a notification when new data is added, such as a new signup
*Send a daily or weekly digest of the changes you care about

► Pre-Built Dashboards

Instant insights out of the box. Leverage pre-built dashboards to effortlessly monitor and analyze your data.

*Drill down to company, team, individual, region, and more
*Comparisons over previous periods (year, qtr, month, day)
*Customizable to your data and needs

► Cloud Pivot Tables

Pivot on data in your cloud systems. Visualize real-time data in a pivot table directly from your systems. Refresh it on any schedule.

*Aggregate and visualize data upon import from Salesforce, DB's & Data Warehouses
*Make large data sets usable in your spreadsheet
*Automatically refresh your pivot tables on any schedule

► Preserve Formula Columns

Be confident that your formulas will stay intact when your data changes.

*Preserve formulas when a new column is added to your spreadsheet
*Shift formulas no matter where columns are added in your Sheet
*Dynamically shift formulas when new rows are added

Use Coefficient to export your data from any app or integration including:
* Web analytics including Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Heap, Segment
* Performance marketing tools include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Apple Search Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Adroll, Taboola, Google Ad Manager (GAM), Adwords
* Apple iTunes
* SEO, SEM and PPC tools like SEMRush, AHrefs, Moz, Google Search Console, Majestic SEO, Bing Services, Yandex
* Mobile ASO Tools like AppTweak, App Annie, SensorTower
* Ecommerce apps including Shopify, WooCommerce
* Email marketing tools including MailChimp, SendGrid, MailGun, Twilio, Unbounce, Outreach, Klaviyo
* Project management tools like Asana, Trello, Jira, ClubHouse, Airtable, Bitbucket, EasyVista
* Social sites including Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Vimeo, YouTube, Hootsuite
* Salesforce, Stripe, PayPal, Hubspot, Amazon, GitHub, Wordpress, Zendesk, Pipedrive, Weebly, Salesloft
* Entrepreneurs tools like Craigslist, Angellist, Etsy, Patreon
* Connect to a database table from Google BigQuery, Postgres,Postgresql, MySQL, SQL, RDS, AWS, mongoDB, Redshift, Snowflake, Google Data Studio
* Tax and Accounting with Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks
* Pipedrive, Slack, Zoho, Dropbox, Heroku

Recommended if you like other scraping & API connection tools like Postman, IFTTT, Insomnia, Zapier, and Supermetrics, Coupler,, G-Connector for Salesforce, Xappex, Simplescraper, API Pipeline, sheetgo, data connector for salesforce, Kloudio, KPIBees, Castodia, Demand Sage, Airboxr, seekwell, or any other Database Browser. Your business can connect virtually any cloud server or platform to build and report on and monitor whatever you want.

► Data Connector Use Cases:

    * Sync Salesforce to Google Sheets. Leverage existing reports or build a custom report using Salesforce objects. If you need to get more granular, use our SOQL editor to write or reuse a query.

    * Sync Google Analytics to Google Sheets. Use Metrics, Dimensions, and Segments to further analyze data in Google Sheets.

    * Sync MySQL to Google Sheets. 
- Build reports in google sheets using your MySQL data with the Coefficient drag & drop UI.
- Write your own MySQL queries. 
- Create cloud pivot tables to work with larger data sets from your MySQL database.
- Import MySQL to Google Sheets. You can add your database connection credentials and write SQL queries within seconds!

    * Sync PostgreSQL (Postgres) data to Google Sheets. 
- Build reports in google sheets using your PostgreSQL data with the Coefficient drag & drop UI.
- Use our SQL editor to write your own PostgreSQL queries. 
- Create cloud pivot tables to work with larger data sets from your PostgreSQL database.
- Import PostgreSQL to Google Sheets. You can add your database connection credentials and write SQL queries within seconds!

    * Automatically sync CSV data to Google Sheets. Connect directly to a dynamic CSV URL to work with data in real-time.

    * Automatically sync multiple Google Sheets. Unlike IMPORTRANGE, Coefficient can preserve the formatting of your source sheet (including font, colors, and number styles) and transfer it to the destination sheet. Easily see source of truth data from other spreadsheets.

    * Sync Amazon Redshift data to Google Sheets. Connect in seconds and use the Coefficient drag & drop UI or write your own SQL queries. Use cloud pivot tables to work with larger data sets from your database. 

    * Sync Snowflake data to Google Sheets. Work with data from one or multiple tables or views. Use cloud pivot tables to work with larger data sets from your database. Speed up ad hoc analysis without writing SQL.

    * Sync Looker data to Google Sheets. Use any folders, dashboards, or looks to do more with your data in Google Sheets. When the data changes in Looker, you’ll get the latest data in Google Sheets.

The Coefficient Google Analytics spreadsheet connector brings you the power of the Google Analytics API combined with the power of data manipulation in Google Spreadsheets. With this tool, you can:
- Query data from multiple views (profiles).
- Create custom calculations from your report data.
- Create dashboards with embedded data visualizations.
- Schedule reports to run automatically so your data is always current.
- Easily control who can see these data and visualizations by leveraging Google Spreadsheet’s existing sharing and privacy features.

In your day-to-day work, you use a ton of software tools and always struggle to analyze the data from them making reporting a nightmare. These tools usually offer their own analytics, but you still crave to see the data in that elegant spreadsheet format - nothing can match that! And you end up manually copying everything into google sheets - for hours, every single week. If you want to compare Google Analytics data with Salesforce Analytics Data, you’ll need a tool that enables you to do this. Even more, maybe you’d like to have KPIs from Website Analytics, Ads & Marketing, Subscriptions, and your own database, ALL-IN-ONE-PLACE.

Other services and APIs that can be implemented with Coefficient include: ActiveCampaign, Algolia, AngelList, Anymail, Apify, Autopilot, Aweber, Azure, Basecamp, Bing, Bitbucket, Bubble, Buffer, Calendly, Campaign Monitor, Capsule, Chargebee, Chatfuel, Clearbit, ClickFunnels, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, cPanel, WHM, Dandelion, DataBox, Discord, Disqus, Docupilot, Drip, Egnyte, Elasticsearch, EmailHippo, Etsy, Eventbrite, Evernote, Feedly, Fieldbook, Firebase, Flickr, Foursquare, FreshBooks, FinnHub, Freshdesk, Front, FTP, G2Crowd, GetResponse, GitLab, Google Maps, Gravity Forms, g suite, Harvest, Help Scout, HipChat, Hootsuite, HTTP, IFTTT, Indeed, Infusionsoft, Insightly, Integromat, Invoice Ninja, JIRA, Kickbox, KissFlow, Klaviyo, Knack, Leady, LionDesk, Listrak, Magento, Mailgun, Mandrill, ManyChat, Marketo, Mattermark, Mattermost, Medium, Meetup, MessageBird, Microsoft Teams, MongoDB, MonkeyLearn, Moosend, Moz, MyTimeStation, NetSuite, Ninox, OneDrive, OneNote, OpenAI, Paperform, Patreon, PayPal, Pinterest, Pipefy, Pipeline Deals, Pitchbook, Plivo, Plutio, Pocket, Podio, RAYNET, Rebrandly, Recurly, Redshift, RSS and Atom feeds, Runkeeper, Salesflare, Salesforce, ScheduleOnce, Segment, SendGrid, SendinBlue, SendPulse, Sendy, ServiceNow, SFTP, ShipStation, Shopio, SigParser, Slack, Smartsheet, SoundCloud, Spotify, SQL Server, Square, StackExchange, Streak, Stripe, SugarCRM, Survey Monkey, Teamgate, Telegram, Todoist, Toggl, Tumblr, Twilio, Twist, Twitch, Twitter, Typeform, Unbounce, Wasabi, Watson, Webflow, Weebly, Wild Apricot, WooCommerce, WordPress, Wrike, Wufoo, Wunderlist, Xero, YouTube, Zapier, Zendesk, ZeroBounce, Zoho, Notion, Wazirx and many more.
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