This allows Google Colaboratory to open and create files in Google Drive. It is automatically installed on first use; uninstalling this will not prevent access to Colaboratory.
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Colaboratory ("Colab" for short)  is a data analysis and machine learning tool that allows you to combine executable Python code and rich text along with charts, images, HTML, LaTeX and more into a single document stored in Google Drive. It connects to powerful Google Cloud Platform runtimes and enables you to easily share your work and collaborate with others.
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Die App Colaboratory fragt nach den unten angegebenen Berechtigungen. Weitere Informationen
Die App „Colaboratory“ benötigt Zugriff auf Ihr Google-Konto
Dadurch erhält Colaboratory die folgenden Berechtigungen:
Primäre E-Mail-Adresse Ihres Google-Kontos abrufen
Personenbezogene Daten aufrufen, einschließlich aller Daten, die Sie öffentlich zugänglich gemacht haben
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Sakis Iossifidis
5. April 2021
for machine/deep learning and python the best area, thank`s Google
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Ein Nutzer von Colaboratory
27. August 2019
It says it is already "connected" so I do not have to acticate it. However, right-click new...more...doesnt show colab. how to create it here?
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