You work out of Google Workspace™. So should your CRM.
Listing updated:September 21, 2023
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Copper is the CRM of choice for Google Workspace™ businesses loved by over 30,000 customers globally. 

The Copper Google Sheets™ add-on connects directly to Copper so you can leverage the power of Google Sheets™ for analysis, reporting, and charting of your data. Once installed, simply pull in any Copper leads, opportunities, people, or companies, using the filters you’ve already created in Copper. 


• Import leads, opportunities, people, and companies, so you can work with them in Google Sheets™

• Select from filters you’re already using in Copper to refine data for import

• Bulk import up to 20K records

• Connect using secure OAuth authentication and Copper API


If you don’t already have Copper, downloading and installing this add-on will start a FREE 14-day trial of Copper CRM – no credit card necessary.


Copper is the CRM of choice for Google Workspace™ businesses. Designed for people whose business relies on relationship-building, Copper functions seamlessly in the background while you spend time on what matters: people. 

Copper records are automatically populated with your Gmail™ data, so you never have to add leads, contacts, or accounts manually. 

Copper’s native Gmail™ integration allows you to nurture relationships and close deals from your inbox. Copper looks and feels exactly like Google Workspace™ apps so there’s no coaching or training needed.

Implementing Copper is so fast and easy, you’re up and running in minutes. All data is automatically populated from Gmail™ and Google Calendar™, and it’s easy to configure from there. No more wasted budget on endless customizations and costly “solution providers” for what should be a simple task. 

Copper streamlines your business processes with workflow automation. Everyone gets notified of their part in the whole, so deals can move forward faster.

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Read, compose, send, and permanently delete all your email from Gmail
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