This little add-on allows educators in USD 497 to count forward 60 in-school days from a date of their choosing with the press of a button. You don't have to count the days by hand anymore.
Listing updated:October 24, 2021
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For legal reasons, some educators in USD 497 are in some situations required to count forward 60 in-school days on a calendar. The problem is this is a machine's job. Our educators have better things to do, and humans are prone to error in situations like this, where machines are not.

This add-on is powered by the USD 497 calendar, which is kept on a Google Sheet here:

It is worth noting that the calendar is different for students from Early Childhood to Grade 5 (EC-5) than it is for students from Grades 6-12 (6-12). For that reason, this add-on includes two buttons: one for each group of students.

To use the add-on, first enter the start date into a cell. For example, if I want to count forward 60 in-school days from October 16, I will enter 10/16/2021 into the cell, ensuring that the date is formatted correctly by Google Sheets.

Then I will open the "Count Forward 60 Days" menu in the Google Sheets bar. My student is in Grade 2, so I will select the "Students EC-5" button. The system will think for a few seconds, and then my date will be replaced with the new date: 2/3/2022.

This add-on requires the calendar Google Sheet to be kept up-to-date. Every year around April, this add-on will begin to fail with a message indicating a calendar is either missing or corrupted. At or before that time, the spreadsheet should be updated with the new calendar. This can be accomplished by notifying the author or one of the calendar maintainers, all of whose email addresses can be found on the app home page here:
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