Connect apps like Facebook Ads, Google Ads™ & Google Analytics™ and other apps to Google Sheets™ . Export, merge, visualize data seamlessly. Craft live marketing dashboards.
Listing updated:February 12, 2024
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Overview helps you gather, transform, and analyze data to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve. integrates data from the most popular tools like Airtable, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Analytics 4™, and many more. Choose tools you want to connect, set up a schedule, and put your reporting on autopilot.  

✦ Gain the most from your data with
- Export and merge data from numerous business applications to save time on data analytics and automate your reporting. 
- Preview and transform your data right in the tool before sending it to the selected destination. 
- Use the Google sheets™ add-on and web version for your convenience.
- Connect to other destinations like BigQuery™ and Excel.  
- Set up a custom schedule for automatic data refreshes, specifying the interval (“hourly”, “daily”, or “monthly”), days of the week, and time of day for importers to run.
- Connect to visualization and big data tools to build live dashboards.
- Conveniently share data with other stakeholders. 
- Automate your workflows using webhooks. 

✦ Integrate your apps with Google Sheets in minutes
1) Install
2) Configure data sources (where to pull data from). And yes, you can add several sources at once!
2) Set up a data destination (where to import data to)
3) Enable a schedule for automatic data refreshes. You can refresh your data as often as every 15 minutes. 

✦ Use cases
- Synchronize your app’s data with a document in Google Sheets™ and build custom reports.
- Create backup versions of your information in Google spreadsheets.
- Consolidate data from different sources in a single master worksheet.

✦ Pricing 
Our product offers a free 14-day trial period.
To learn more about our pricing, visit

✦ Popular Google Sheets integrations supported by by category

PPC and Advertisement
✦ Facebook Ads. Export ad metrics like clicks, impressions, and conversion values.
✦ Google Ads™. Pull data on ad performance for detailed marketing analysis.
✦ Google Analytics 4™. Analyze audience demographics, event stats, and revenue data.
✦ Instagram Ads. Collect data on ad interactions, including likes and shares.
✦ LinkedIn Ads. Export professional network ad metrics for comprehensive analysis.
✦ Amazon Ads. Aggregate ad performance data for e-commerce marketing insights.
✦ Bing Ads/Microsoft Ads. Pull data on ad performance across Microsoft's search network.
✦ Pinterest Ads. Analyze ad metrics from this visual discovery platform.
✦ Quora Ads. Export data from Quora's ad platform for marketing insights.
✦ Snapchat Marketing. Aggregate data from Snapchat's marketing campaigns.
✦ TikTok Ads. Collect and analyze data from TikTok advertising campaigns.
✦ Twitter Ads. Export ad performance metrics from Twitter's advertising platform.

✦ Facebook Public Data. Access and analyze public data available on Facebook.
✦ Google My Business™. Export data from Google My Business™ for local marketing.
✦ Google Search Console™. Pull search performance data for website optimization analysis.
✦ Wordpress. Import a site’s stats from WordPress to Google Sheets to measure the performance of your content strategy.

✦ Shopify. Pull Customer, Product, and Order data from Shopify to Google Sheets to manage inventory and forecast sales.
✦ WooCommerce. Automate the export of your WooCommerce data to a spreadsheet, workbook, or table on a custom schedule with no code required.

✦ HubSpot. Upload Deals, Contacts, and Companies to create custom sales dashboards and share them with your team.
✦ Salesforce. Automate Salesforce data export to a spreadsheet, workbook, or table on a custom schedule with no code required.
✦ Pipedrive. Pull Deals, Persons, and Organizations to create custom sales dashboards and share them with your team.
✦ Calendly. Export scheduling and meeting data from Calendly for analysis and reporting.
✦ Intercom. Pull customer interaction data from Intercom for enhanced customer relationship management.

Finance & Accounting
✦ Stripe. Automate the export of your Stripe data to a spreadsheet, workbook, or table on a custom schedule with no code required.
✦ QuickBooks. Upload accounting data from QuickBooks to Google Sheets to customize financial reporting and build real-time charts.
✦ Xero. Import accounting data and reports from Xero to Google to customize reporting and build real-time charts.

Social Media Marketing
✦ Facebook Page Insights. Analyze engagement and performance metrics for Facebook pages.
✦ Instagram Insights. Gather detailed insights on Instagram account performance.
✦ Instagram Public Data. Access and analyze public data from Instagram.
✦ LinkedIn Company Pages. Export data from LinkedIn Company Pages for business insights.
✦ TikTok Organic. Analyze organic content performance on TikTok.
✦ Vimeo Public Data. Access public data from Vimeo for content analysis.
✦ Twitter Organic. Pull data on organic Twitter content performance.
✦ YouTube™. Export YouTube™ channel and video performance metrics for analysis.

Email Marketing
✦ Mailchimp. Automate the export of your Mailchimp data to a spreadsheet, workbook, or table on a custom schedule with no code required.
✦ Klaviyo. Export email marketing and customer data from Klaviyo for advanced analysis.

Databases and Warehouses
✦ BigQuery. Export and analyze large-scale data from Google's BigQuery service.
✦ PostgreSQL. Pull data from PostgreSQL databases for advanced analysis and reporting.
✦ RedShift. Integrate with Amazon RedShift for data warehousing and analytics.
✦ MySQL. Export data from MySQL databases for comprehensive data analysis.

Files & Tables
✦ Dropbox. Export and synchronize data with Dropbox for file management.
✦ Google Drive™. Integrate with Google Drive™ for seamless data storage and access.
✦ Google Sheets™. Directly import and export data to and from Google Sheets™.
✦ Microsoft Excel. Facilitate data transfer between Excel and various data sources.
✦ Tableau. Export data for advanced visualization and analysis in Tableau.
✦ OneDrive. Synchronize and manage data with Microsoft OneDrive.

Project Management
✦ Airtable. Export data from Airtable for advanced database management.
✦ Asana. Pull task and project data from Asana for workflow analysis.
✦ Jira. Integrate with Jira to export issue and project data.
✦ Slack. Export message and activity data from Slack for communication analysis.
✦ Trello. Pull data from Trello boards for project tracking and management.
✦ Google Calendar™. Export event and calendar data for scheduling and time management.

Time Tracking
✦ Clockify. Export time tracking data from Clockify for productivity analysis.
✦ Harvest. Pull project time tracking and invoicing data from Harvest.


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Profile Picture
ISZL Administration
January 10, 2024
We're a non-profit school that needed to automate some of our time-consuming and tedious processes. Using Coupler allowed us to automatically populate dashboards of information, saving our Principals valuable time that is better used on Educating. Coupler allowed us to replicate out old process exactly and use the same sheets, inserting the new data into exactly the same columns as before, ensuring no interuption of service. We also really liked that the team reached out to us to help us on our journey. So far, we haven't found any drawbacks yet as this was much better than the alternatives - there were a lot of questions asked during the set up but that's a necessary part of providing a bespoke solution.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Aleksi Mattila
December 26, 2023
A very good choice for a small business. We needed to get data from multiple social media channels and accounts into google sheets/looker studio, and Coupler has all the necessary functionalities at a reasonable cost. I looked into other alternatives, but none came close in value for money. We're still in the early stages, but at the moment I'm very happy with Coupler.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Atthaphon Thanagoonpisan
January 18, 2024 shines in simplifying data management. Its user-friendly interface and no-code approach let anyone move data from various sources to Google Sheets or Airtable. Automatic updates, flexible filtering, and strong support make it a great choice for businesses seeking insightful data analysis.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Elliott Silver
December 8, 2023
At an early stage startup it's very hard to trust your data sources when using visualisation tools. Coupler has completely changed data analysis at my company where I can export data seamlessly and automatically to view the data and splice it myself (or using the inbuilt Coupler filtering tool). Most importantly it enables me to report to our team and investors with confidence and accuracy.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jordana Monroe
August 14, 2023 is a helpful option for linking data between Excel and Google Sheets. There is enough flexibility to support needs without a complicated setup process. The software allows for automation, making it easy to push data to end users. Highly recommend.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Syed Ahmed
January 2, 2024
The worst app doesn't work at all. An international beggar asks for an upgrade. Error unable to extract data,
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Vinol Dsouza
October 10, 2023
Using Coupler for Tableau to google sheet integration, works seamlessly with benefits of automation and ability o have multiple exports on the same tab. Users need not have tableau access to use this. This solved our issue of helping end users self serve data into google sheets for weekly reviews and syncing to google sheets. Only limitation is this will need serate work sheet per report and cannot export from a dashboard in tableau
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Alfredo Herran
March 13, 2023 is a great tool to extract data from different online sources. I use it to import data from Xero, Hubspot and BambooHR into Gsheets. It can pull databases or reports and the data gets refreshed in any schedule you need. It saves a lot of time and works flawlessly. The team has been very supportive and quickly solved any challenges we've had. Even with BambooHR which they don't directly support, but they managed to make a connection to.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Mickey Zimmerman
February 21, 2023 is a great app/extension to use in order to integrate online data sources, like QuickBooks, with Google Sheets. It has worked well in providing our company with real time data in Google Sheets. I now no longer have to run reports in QuickBooks online. I can simply have them autopopulate in Google Sheets, with updated data. This is a time saver and ensures the accuracy of the information. It's worth trying out for sure.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jack Azout
August 29, 2023
I needed a way to back up all of my Airtable databases automatically, instead of exporting each table manually, one by one. provided a way to do just that. I able to set up an individual Coupler “importer” for each of my Airtable tables, and configure it to run automatically every week, downloading the data to Google Sheets. What was a tedious manual job became totally automatic and foolproof. I heartily recommend to anyone looking to automate backup of cloud data.
Is this review helpful?
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