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Connect your favorite applications to Google sheets™. Export and merge data on a schedule. Create live dashboards. No coding is required.
Listing updated:May 23, 2023
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Overview helps you gather, transform, and analyze data to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve. integrates data from the most popular tools like Airtable, Hubspot, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Google Analytics 4™, and many more. Choose tools you want to connect, set up a schedule, and put your reporting on autopilot.  

✦ Gain the most from your data with
- Export and merge data from numerous business applications to save time on data analytics and automate your reporting. 
- Preview and transform your data right in the tool before sending it to the selected destination. 
- Use the Google sheets™ add-on and web version for your convenience.
- Connect to other destinations like BigQuery™ and Excel.  
- Set up a custom schedule for automatic data refreshes, specifying the interval (“hourly”, “daily”, or “monthly”), days of the week, and time of day for importers to run.
- Connect to visualization and big data tools to build live dashboards.
- Conveniently share data with other stakeholders. 
- Automate your workflows using webhooks. 

✦ Integrate your apps with Google Sheets in minutes
1) Install
2) Configure data sources (where to pull data from). And yes, you can add several sources at once!
2) Set up a data destination (where to import data to)
3) Enable a schedule for automatic data refreshes. You can refresh your data as often as every 15 minutes. 

✦ Use cases
- Synchronize your app’s data with a document in Google Sheets™ and build custom reports.
- Create backup versions of your information in Google spreadsheets.
- Consolidate data from different sources in a single master worksheet.

✦ Pricing 
Our product offers a free 14-day trial period.
To learn more about our pricing, visit

✦ Popular Google Sheets integrations supported by

Marketing and advertising tools

✦ Google Analytics 4™
Collect Google Analytics 4 data to stay on top of your game. Our tool allows you to analyze audience demographics, page referrers, event completion stats, conversions, new vs returning user comparisons, revenues, and more.

✦ Google Ads™ / Facebook Ads / Instagram ads / LinkedIn Ads
Export information about clicks, impressions, likes, shares, conversion value, and many other ad metrics. Get an overview of how your advertising channels perform. Create multi-channel dashboards to make data-driven decisions.

✦ Mailchimp
Pull campaigns, automations, reports and audience data for easier analysis. 
CRM tools 

✦ Pipedrive
Link Pipedrive data to Google Sheets for a quick export of data from deals, persons, organizations, activities, leads, call logs, and products, including deal name and owner, stage in the pipeline, files, custom fields, and more.

✦ HubSpot
Integrate HubSpot with Google Sheets to upload data from deals, contacts, companies, products, and line items,  including deal name and owner, stage in the pipeline, custom fields, and more!

Integrate HubSpot with Google Sheets to upload data from deals, contacts, companies, products, and line items,  including deal name and owner, stage in the pipeline, custom fields, and more

E-commerce platforms

✦ Shopify 
✦ Woocommerce

Time Tracking Software

✦ Clockify
Establish Clockify to Google Sheets integration to pull Summary, Weekly, or Detailed reports.

✦ Harvest
Export such data entities as Clients, Client contacts, Estimate reports (with line items and item categories) etc.

Other Google Products

✦Google Sheets™ 
Pull data from one Google sheet to another and eliminate the need to query data manually. You can also use it to join and combine data from multiple sheets or even spreadsheets into one.

✦ Google Drive™
Sync Google Drive with Google Sheets to import data that supports Google Sheets, *.csv, *.xlsx or *.xlsm format from your Google Drive.

✦ BigQuery™
Integrate BigQuery data warehouse with Google Sheets using this connector to run SQL queries and streamline reporting workflows across your organization. 

Accounting tools

✦ Xero
Connect Xero to Google Sheets to pull:
- Raw accounting data such as accounts, bank transactions, bank transfers, etc.
- Reports: aged payables by contact, aged receivables by contact, balance sheet, bank statement, bank summary, budget summary, executive summary, profit and loss, trial balance.

✦ QuickBooks Online
Export accounting data and reports from QuickBooks to Google Sheets to keep your accounting books and documents in perfect order:
Raw accounting data: account, attachable, bill, bill payment, budget, etc.
Reports: Account List Detail, A/P Aging Detail, A/P Aging Summary, A/R Aging Detail, and many others. 

Project management tools

✦ Airtable
Integrate Airtable with Google Sheets to pull Airtable records, such as rows (lines) from a shared Airtable view.

✦ Jira
Pull Jira to Google Sheets to import issues using filters, custom JQL (Jira Query Language), and basic or advanced search to perform combined analysis and reporting.

✦ Microsoft Excel
Export data from MS Excel stored in your OneDrive or OneDrive for a Business account to Google Sheets.

Communication & Productivity tools
✦ Trello
Import Trello Cards updates, Boards card data, and Checklist items, including custom fields to Google Sheets™ to create a project status report, and more.

✦ Slack
Integrate Slack with Google Sheets™ to fetch Users, Messages, and Channels data for quick access to Slack channel activity, filter messages, and more.

✦ Asana
Import Trello Cards updates, Boards card data, and Checklist items, including custom fields to Google Sheets to create a project status report, and more.

✦ Extra capabilities

✦ CSV importer is known as the best add-on for Google Sheets™ to support CSV importer for uploading data in the form of CSV, TSV, XLSL, XLS files from Jira Server, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other apps, file storages, and hosting services. It can also be used to open a CSV file and automatically convert it to Google Sheets. 

✦ JSON Client importer
The add-on is good at establishing a connection with any system which supports JSON API. Query JSON data and send it to Google Sheets™ with no special tools or scripts required. Contact us for more information.

With thousands of satisfied users, can help drive growth through data-driven decisions. Try it out for free for 14 days, no credit card is required.
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PricingFree of charge trial
Privacy policy
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This will allow to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
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Profile Picture
Louis Monteagudo
March 30, 2023
Amazing low cost and simple ETL for a growing business that doesn't need to invest in expensive enterprise level ETL
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Luiz Toledo
April 29, 2023
good tools should have the option to integrate with the custom reports in Quickbooks, not only with the standards.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Mickey Zimmerman
February 21, 2023 is a great app/extension to use in order to integrate online data sources, like QuickBooks, with Google Sheets. It has worked well in providing our company with real time data in Google Sheets. I now no longer have to run reports in QuickBooks online. I can simply have them autopopulate in Google Sheets, with updated data. This is a time saver and ensures the accuracy of the information. It's worth trying out for sure.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Alfredo Herran
March 13, 2023 is a great tool to extract data from different online sources. I use it to import data from Xero, Hubspot and BambooHR into Gsheets. It can pull databases or reports and the data gets refreshed in any schedule you need. It saves a lot of time and works flawlessly. The team has been very supportive and quickly solved any challenges we've had. Even with BambooHR which they don't directly support, but they managed to make a connection to.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Inna Shevchenko
January 25, 2023 has been a great addition to my workflow. The add-on made it very easy to pull and merge data from multiple campaigns and accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn, saving me time. It also allows me to track my advertising performance over time and make data-driven decisions for my campaigns. Scheduling imports is super helpful. I highly recommend for anyone looking to streamline their data analysis process.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Luke Allen
April 17, 2023 has been incredibly useful tool for our work. I use it to pull data from various sources into Google Sheets, saving us significant amounts of time weekly. We are yet to have any notable issues and the support team are exceptional.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
For All Of Us - FAOU
December 15, 2022
We were early adopters of this many years ago. We even recommended it back then. It has changed so much since then, and it's changed entirely for the worse. Originally, for the first few years, we had a free account that had automatic updates and didn't cut you off because your sheet had too many rows or because you wanted it always up to date and not just updating once a week. We learned their whole process and then built our whole workflow around the "importers" that we made. Then, stopped making new free accounts but grandfathered the first adopters in to use a "forever-free" dramatically limited version of the old free plan. Now, they have completely ended our free account and screwed us and wasted a ton of our time. hardly even works anymore. The limitations don't make sense. It's insanely overpriced to barely do anything. We don't even trust this company because of its lies. We'll find a different extension.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Stefan Jovanovic
January 9, 2023
Very useful product with the best support. Easy and simple to use, but really offers a wide range of options that will help you with all your needs. Powerful, reliable, and fast. I definitely recommend
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Annie Mattimore
February 23, 2023
Huge fan of Easy to use platform & it has automated a lot of my daily admin activities. 10/10 would recommend!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Boris Kerr
November 7, 2021
With coupler, we're able to collect data from any source and be up and running in minutes--no other tool on the market offers this amount of flexibility.
Is this review helpful?
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