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Export your data from various apps to Google Sheets on a set schedule with no coding required! automates Google Sheets integration with the following apps: Airtable, Pipedrive, Clockify, HubSpot, Xero, Quickbooks, BigQuery, Jira, WordPress, Shopify, Google Sheets (to replace IMPORTRANGE), CSV, JSON, and more.

✦ All in all,
- Gives a live feed of raw data in a simple format, allowing you to easily access and share it.
- Allows setting up a custom schedule for automatic data refreshes, specifying the interval (“hourly”, “daily”, or “monthly”), days of the week, and time of day for importers to run.
- Enables further data analysis by connecting your spreadsheet directly to Google Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, Zoho Analytics, Qlik, and other tools to build live dashboards based on information from your data sources.
- Focuses on the needs of entrepreneurs, C-level professionals, data managers, and business analysts, as well as finance specialists that come from small to medium businesses.

✦ Integrate your apps with Google Sheets in minutes
1) Install
2) Configure importers
3) Set up a data refresh schedule
4) Relax and review the progress

✦ Popular use cases
- Synchronize data from your apps to Google Sheets to build custom reporting.
- Create backup versions of your information in Google spreadsheets.
- Consolidate data from different sources in a single master worksheet.

✦ Pricing 
Our product offers a generous Free-forever plan and a free 14-day trial period applies to all paid subscriptions. 
To learn more about the pricing, visit

Extra capabilities

✦ CSV importer is known as the best add-on for Google Sheets to support CSV importer one can use to upload data in the form of CSV, TSV, XLSL, XLS files from Excel, Jira Server, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and other apps, file storages and hosting services. It can also be used to open CSV and automatically convert it to Google Sheets. 

✦ JSON Client importer
The add-on is good at establishing a connection with any system which supports JSON API and seamlessly import any JSON data to Google Sheets with no special tools or scripts required.

Contact us for more information.

✦ Support & feedback
Our team is working hard to create the product you’ll love! 
Feel free to submit any feature or support request at

Available Google Sheets integrations

✦ Airtable
Integrate Airtable with Google Sheets to pull Airtable records, such as rows (lines) from a shared Airtable view.

✦ Shopify 
Connect Shopify to Google Sheets to import 
- Customers: customer first and last names, email, total spent per customer, product ID, last order ID, and other information.
- Products: product ID, product title, product vendor, product published and updated dates, product variation IDs and their titles, price, SKU, and other information.
- Orders: order ID, email, order creation and update date, order number, token, total price, total weight, total tax, currency, financial status, and other information. 
- Orders with line items: order ID, email address, token, total price, total weight, total tax, financial status, total discounts, total line items, order status, line item’s id, line item’s title, line item’s variant ID, line item’s variant title, and other information.

✦ Trello
Import Trello Cards updates and Boards card data, including custom fields to Google Sheets to create a project status report, and more.

✦ Pipedrive
Link Pipedrive data to Google Sheets to export data from deals, persons, organizations, activities, leads, call logs, products, including deal name and owner, stage in the pipeline, files, custom fields, and more!

✦ HubSpot
Integrate HubSpot with Google Sheets to upload data from deals, contacts, companies, products, and line items,  including deal name and owner, stage in the pipeline, custom fields, and more!

✦ WordPress
Import a site’s statistics (stats) from WordPress to Google Sheets to measure the performance of your content strategy.

✦ Jira
Pull Jira to Google Sheets to import issues using filters, custom JQL (Jira Query Language), basic or advanced search to perform combined analysis and reporting.

✦ BigQuery
Integrate BigQuery data warehouse with Google Sheets using this connector to run SQL queries and streamline reporting workflows across your organization. 100% Google Cloud Platform.

✦ Google Sheets (to replace IMPORTRANGE)
Sync Google Sheets with Google Sheets to link data between sheets. In other words, it pulls data from one Google sheet to another. You can also use it to join and combine data from multiple sheets or even spreadsheets into one.

✦ Xero
Connect Xero to Google Sheets to pull
- Raw accounting data: accounts, bank transactions, bank transfers, branding Themes, contact groups, contacts, credit notes, currencies, employees, expense claims, invoices, items, journals, manual journals, organisation, overpayments, payments, prepayments, purchase orders, receipts, repeating invoices, reports, tax rates, tracking categories, users.
- Reports: aged payables by contact, aged receivables by contact, balance sheet, bank statement, bank summary, budget summary, executive summary, profit and loss, trial balance.

✦ QuickBooks Online
Raw accounting data: account, attachable, bill, bill payment, budget, class, company info, credit memo, customer, department, deposit, employee, estimate, exchange rate, invoice, item, journal entry, journal code, payment, payment method, preferences, purchase, purchase order, refund receipt, sales receipt, tax agency, tax code, tax rate, term, time activity, transfer, vendor, vendor credit.
Reports: Account List Detail, A/P Aging Detail, A/P Aging Summary, A/R Aging Detail, A/R Aging Summary, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Customer Balance, Customer Balance Detail, Customer Income, Expenses by Vendor, General Ledger Detail, Inventory Valuation Summary, Journal Report, Profit and Loss Summary, Profit and Loss Detail, Sales by Class Summary, Sales by Customer, Sales by Department, Sales by Product, Tax Summary, Transaction List, Trial Balance, Vendor Balance, Vendor Balance Detail

✦ Slack
Integrate Slack with Google Sheets to fetch Users, Messages, and Channels data to assess Slack channel activity, filter messages, and more.
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Sharolyn Gallman
June 11, 2021
I work with two Google documents. I import data from Xero to the first one on a daily basis, and then perform the necessary calculations there. The second importer works by pulling data from the above mentioned first spreadsheet to the second one to display the results of my data manipulations. This way I achieve my data in the second spreadsheet is always up-to-date and ready to share with other stakeholders!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Randal Deman
June 9, 2021
Just happy that such a tool does exist! :)
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Octavia Blazosky
June 7, 2021
What a wonderful day! I found and just fell in love with how quickly and easily I can set up a bunch of importers and start pulling data to Google Sheets, or BigQuery (a newly added data destination!). That really feels fantastic! Good job to you all!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Sherron Bippus
June 3, 2021
Having used your tool for the last three month, I feel that I am at the point where I can provide my feedback to you. Thank you for letting me automate my reporting, thank you for letting me save my time and focus on what really needs my attention (not moving data manually from HubSpot to my spreadsheet), and thank you for incredible support that allowed me to create a custom dashboard that I needed to monitor my company’s sales activity!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Burl Devendorf
June 1, 2021
Your product looks really very promising! I’ve just seen that you’ve added BigQuery as another data destination (in addition to Google Sheets). I can’t wait to see where your road leads you! Good luck!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jackelyn Ivans
May 30, 2021
Started using as an alternative to IMPORTRANGE to link data from another spreadsheet to my working document. It does work like a charm! I do recommend this data integration tool and the team, who are always ready to support us users with any questions that we may have!
Is this review helpful?
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Ciera Scoma
May 27, 2021
I am not a master of words, but want to say that it’s just a superb solution for all people working with data out there!
Is this review helpful?
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Adrain Alexander
May 26, 2021
it might work but it would I think. I'm getting it right now!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Alona Coachys
May 26, 2021
Wow! Guys, thank you for letting us link Shopify to Google Sheets. Now I can pull all orders and match them against shipping and inventory costs. Being able to do so literally saves lots of my time! A real life saver indeed!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Barrie Plympton
May 24, 2021
Can’t wait for you to release Excel destination! It will be just amazing when I get a chance to use your solution to cover all my data integration needs!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Pciture
Olexander Paladiy
May 25, 2021
Hi Barrie Our team is working hard to make it happen sooner, we will let you know for sure
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