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Listing updated:January 22, 2024
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CRM Assistant for Gmail™ introduces powerful features designed to streamline your customer relationship management workflows. This add-on seamlessly integrates SuiteCRM capabilities directly with Gmail, saving time and improving user experience.

Product Description:
Gmail is a vital communication tool for businesses to interact with customers. Our addon leverages its potential by providing a seamless bridge between Gmail and SuiteCRM. By enabling users to effortlessly save customer information, email correspondence, and other crucial data into SuiteCRM from within Gmail, it enhances efficiency, minimizes redundancy, and offers a user-friendly cross-platform experience.

➤ Manage SuiteCRM Records
Users now have the power to Create, Update, and Delete SuiteCRM records directly from Gmail through our addon interface.
➤ Global and Modules Search
Our addon lets users search the entire CRM system, or alternatively, within a specific module,  to swiftly locate relevant customer information.
➤ CRM Records Display for Selected Email
When users open an email, our addon dynamically displays records from SuiteCRM that are linked to the email's correspondent, providing valuable contextual insights.
➤ Email Archiving with Attachments
Archiving emails was never easier. Our addon not only archives emails but also saves attachments, including the in-line images.
➤ Attachment Management
Users can save email attachments as notes within SuiteCRM, maintaining an organized repository for important files.
➤ Notes and Record Association
For enhanced record-keeping, users can create and associate notes with selected CRM records, facilitating a comprehensive view of customer interactions.
➤ Auto-Archive Emails
Our addon can automate the archiving process for leads and contacts of the users' choice, reducing manual effort and ensuring that important correspondence is not ignored.
➤ Today's Activities Overview
Keep track of your day with CRM Assistant for Gmail™. A user's  tasks, meetings, and calls for the day are displayed right on the add-on home page, giving users a consolidated view of their schedule.
➤ Recently Opened Records
Stay productive with quick access to recently viewed CRM records on the home page.
➤ Mobile Compatibility: Being an add-on, it also works with the Gmail mobile application, meaning users can access their CRM anywhere they are.
➤ Compatibility Check: On SuiteCRM, a troubleshoot section is added to run an initial checks for the compatiblity of instance with addon.
➤ Search and Archive: In addition to suggested records, users can now archive emails and attachments to CRM records of their choosing by searching for them within the add-on.

To utilize CRM Assistant for Gmail™, users are required to download and install the companion SuiteCRM plug-in from the SuiteStore.
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