Cryptosheets simplifies the process of accessing, aggregating, manipulating, and processing cryptocurrency API data.
Listing updated:September 6, 2023
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All your crypto data in one place (and now all your capital & conventional markets data also!). Access crypto data from hundreds of data providers using simple =CSQUERY() formulas or browse data sets and send directly to your sheet (no formulas). Browse institutional research, templates, charts, scenarios and customize your workspace with flexible dashboards. Access in Googlesheets, Excel or on the web anytime.

✔ No programming skills or scripts required, just email & password and you are good to go

[last updated 1/12/2021]

✔ Over 11,000+ crypto-assets & 200+ fiat currencies supported
✔ Over 147,000+ crypto instruments supported (derivatives, futures, options, perpetuals)
✔ Over 475,000 total crypto + capital markets instruments supported (crypto + stocks, ETFs, ADRs, bonds, commodities, economic indicators)
✔ Historical price, volume, trade & orderbook data for 309+ exchanges (1 second - 1yr resolutions), 800+ exchanges total
✔ [NEW] support for CoinGecko, CryptoCompare & Messari as default pricing sources!
✔ Hundreds of providers (Coinmarketcap, Cryptocompare, Coingecko, Messari, Coinmetrics, Nomics, Coinpaprika, Kaiko many more..)
✔ Over 250,000+ non crypto-assets supported!
✔ Stocks, ETFs, Options, OEF/CEF, commodities, bonds, interest rates, energy, economic indicators, earnings, financials, fundamentals, corporate actions and much more

✔ 84+ Custom functions =CSPRICE("BTC","USD","2/1/2019")
✔ 180+ Technical Analysis Custom functions 
✔ Powerful custom function arguments for _fields, _orderBy, _formatDates, extract JSON arrays using _path and more
✔ One click Template library
✔ DeFi, derivatives, ICO, crypto funds, volatility, taxonomy, portfolio analysis, historical scenarios
✔ On chain metrics  =CSCHAIN(), =CSMETRICS()
✔ Multi-provider ATH (All-Time-Highs) & ROI data per day, week, month, quarter, year (=CSTA)
✔ Global market data, BTC dominance, sentiment, flows

✔ Real time streaming prices (Excel version only*)
✔ Automatic custom refresh at any interval for any data using CS.TIME! (Excel version only*)

✔ Tutorials & support documentation library (over 12,250+ examples)
✔ Dedicated data provider documentation (over 6,000+ pages)
✔ Live chat support and interactive help center
✔ See your subscription quota in real time, no more surprises + one click upgrade from the side panel


=CSPRICE("BTC", "USDT",,"Binance","ASK")
=CSPRICE("BTC", "USD",,"Coinbase","BID")


=CSEXRATE("BTC","USD","1") *Excel only

=CSQUERY("Cryptunit","Earnings Auto")
=CSPARAMETERS("Cryptunit","Earnings Auto")
=CSSYMBOLS('type', 'futures')

... many more (try =CSTAMETADATA() to see over 180+ technical indicators functions)

=CSMETRICS("BTC") *Pro subscription for live data
=CSMETRICS("BTC,BCH") *Pro subscription for live data

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📔 Docs Portal:
📔 YouTube:
📔 Medium:
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📔 Excel Version:


(1) Install the Cryptosheets add-on

(2) Open a spreadsheet

(3) Start the Cryptosheets add-on from your add-ons menu by selecting "Launch Sidebar"

(4) Click “Login” at the top of the side panel

(5) If this is the first time you are using Cryptosheets, you will be prompted to register and provide the necessary permissions

(6) Voila, your data is now available via Cryptosheets! You can now modify how the data gets displayed, as well as pull in your favorite endpoints.

TAGS: stocks API, crypto API, graphql API, defi API, bitcoin API, cryptocurrency API, blockchain API, altcoins, bitcoin mining

Integrated providers: 
CoinMarketCap, MercadoBitcoin, Poloniex, Block, Coinigy, CoinLayer, Livecoin, Blockchain, Cryptonator, Nexchange, Zloader, CoinRanking, Coinlore, Coinlib, CoinDesk, ICObench, Binance, BitcoinAverage, Coinbase, CryptoStandardizer, IEX, Bitfinex, Coinpaprika, BitcoinCharts, Coinbase Pro, CoinGecko, WorldCoinIndex, NiceHash, Bitmex, Bittrex, Gemini, CoinAPI, Messari, CryptUnit, WhatToMine, Nomics, CryptoCompare, Paradigm, The Block, Coinmetrics, Cointracking, Shrimpy, CCXT, Chainz, Crypto51, Earn, Etherscan, Ethplorer, OpenFIGI, Cryptowatch, FOAM, Amberdata, Cryptosheets, Bloxy, Bitwise, Kryptocal, Tokeninsight, Kaiko, Flipside Crypto, Huobi, LocalBitcoins, Kraken, Covalent, TokenAnalyst, DeFi Pulse, Compound, Alethio, Decred Data, Kyber Network, LoanScan,, CoinCodex, LedgerX, Deribit, ContractMarketCap,, StableCoinIndex, FTX, DEX.AG, Lunarcrush, dYdX, CryptoQuant, Coinbase Prime, GlassNode, TzStats, Binance Dex, TronScan, 1inch, XRP Ledger, 0xTracker, Radar Relay, Cryptocontrol, Binance US, Coinbase Custody, Smartable Coronavirus API, EOD Historical Data, Bybit, ByteTree, Covidtracking, Bitstamp, Bitflyer, itBit, OKEX, Paraswap, QUME, OmniAPI, Delta Exchange, CoinCodeCap,, 0xAPI, Blocklytics, Blockset, AdaEx, Equos, Paxful, Blockstream, CrossTower, Minerstat, The Graph, Yearn API, QTUM, Infura, IntoTheBlock, Vantage Crypto, Xangle, Iconomi, Blockcypher, Masternodes, IDEX, Uniswap, Coindar, Cryptohopper, KuCoin, DragonGlass, NeoScan, Stellar, TokenView,, Beaconchain, WAVES, Bonfida, OpenSea, Decentraland, GrinMint, Polkascan, TokenLists, Uniswap
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Profile Picture
Justin White
November 20, 2023
Doesn't work on Google sheets, even their own templates. Documentation needs updated to match current Google Sheets interface.
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Profile Picture
Austin Mourot
November 1, 2023
TLDR: Not worth it, and would recommend CoinMarketCap's API instead. I tried this out after CryptoFinance was no longer an option. Works 50% of the time. I overused my credits and instead of blocking use of API endpoints it straight up disabled my account, I proceeded to pay for premium in hopes of adding credits and solving issue, took my payment but my account was still disabled. Took me almost a week to reach support, and they reactivated my account, but a week had already elapsed on my "premium" membership. I disabled future payments and my account instantly reverted back to free membership.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Patrick Mumford
July 18, 2023
For some reason this app keeps breaking. When I open my sheet on my desktop (I might have to refresh) but it works okay. When I open the same sheet on my android phone the same functions break with a #NAME? error. The sheet no longer knows the function call from cryptosheets.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
December 10, 2022
nice no other, as well as excellent support. I have come here from CryptoFinance and have been VERY impressed so far. Chris even helped me via Zoom to get some problems sorted and is always sharp on support!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
September 8, 2022
This product is a scam, dont fall for it. I paid for yearly subscription and it disabled my account. I tried several times to cancel the monthly payments but cant access it anymore. Buy at your own risk and headache
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Nay Polanco
December 21, 2021
Update: Dec 21, 2021 - It appears they have updated something in the backend last week that has fixed the flaw I've complained about below. So far the prices are fetching much more consistently now, which if this performance continues it totally makes this service 5 star. Original review I agree with Gregory Stevens review. Being a paid customer I thought I'd have a more reliable experience but its just as bad. Nearly every single day I open my spreadsheet the fetched pricing disappears or reads ERROR. And when the date is not having trouble fetching it says I have to log in through the side app, after which data takes hours to reappear again. Sadly, the problem with this service seems to do with poor data reliability. My guess is, they are using cheap overrun servers which cant keep up.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Francesco Bianchi
March 28, 2022
In theory a must to extension for gSheet crypto tracking, in practice far from the expected output. Tried to set up my spreadsheet but got too many errors (during nighttime, when I was away from my computer) and since then my account has been de-activated and I wasn't able yet to speak with any support from Cryptosheet (tried to reach them 2 times by email and 2 times on website chat). Don't want to accept that the only solution is to pay for a premium subscription (still difficult though, having my account de-activated). Guidelines are chaotic and mix together Excel and gSheet instructions (working with different formulas).
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Ian Northey
February 13, 2021
Most of queries tried just don't work, asked for just 14 days of price history and got over 40 rows returned??? Dates weren't formatted in the chosen option, in fact didn't even present as a date at all - just a strange number that in no way corresponded to any date as couldn't be formatted using date options. Issue not limited to google sheets either, same issues with MS Excel. I'll go back to just grabbing a CSV file, not worth the time stuffing around with this. At least it was free to try, I now know never to go any further with this product.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
January 5, 2022
Can't get it to work. Dosen't show up in my "add-in"s
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
joe james
December 7, 2021
THE BEST APP EVER AND THE MOST IMPORTANT APP EVER PEOPLE WILL REALIZE IT VERY SOON. One word "AWESOME" people don't even realize the importance of this tool it's really very important tool. Yes, finally i can track it all. Each and everything you want is here.
Is this review helpful?
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