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Cryptosheets simplifies the process of accessing, aggregating, manipulating, and processing cryptocurrency API data.
Works with:
All your crypto data in one place (and now all your capital & conventional markets data also!). Access crypto data from hundreds of data providers using simple =CSQUERY() formulas or browse data sets and send directly to your sheet (no formulas). Browse institutional research, templates, charts, scenarios and customize your workspace with flexible dashboards. Access in Googlesheets, Excel or on the web anytime.

✔ No programming skills or scripts required, just email & password and you are good to go

[last updated 1/12/2021]

✔ Over 11,000+ crypto-assets & 200+ fiat currencies supported
✔ Over 147,000+ crypto instruments supported (derivatives, futures, options, perpetuals)
✔ Over 475,000 total crypto + capital markets instruments supported (crypto + stocks, ETFs, ADRs, bonds, commodities, economic indicators)
✔ Historical price, volume, trade & orderbook data for 309+ exchanges (1 second - 1yr resolutions), 800+ exchanges total
✔ [NEW] support for CoinGecko, CryptoCompare & Messari as default pricing sources!
✔ Hundreds of providers (Coinmarketcap, Cryptocompare, Coingecko, Messari, Coinmetrics, Nomics, Coinpaprika, Kaiko many more..)
✔ Over 250,000+ non crypto-assets supported!
✔ Stocks, ETFs, Options, OEF/CEF, commodities, bonds, interest rates, energy, economic indicators, earnings, financials, fundamentals, corporate actions and much more

✔ 84+ Custom functions =CSPRICE("BTC","USD","2/1/2019")
✔ 180+ Technical Analysis Custom functions 
✔ Powerful custom function arguments for _fields, _orderBy, _formatDates, extract JSON arrays using _path and more
✔ One click Template library
✔ DeFi, derivatives, ICO, crypto funds, volatility, taxonomy, portfolio analysis, historical scenarios
✔ On chain metrics  =CSCHAIN(), =CSMETRICS()
✔ Multi-provider ATH (All-Time-Highs) & ROI data per day, week, month, quarter, year (=CSTA)
✔ Global market data, BTC dominance, sentiment, flows

✔ Real time streaming prices (Excel version only*)
✔ Automatic custom refresh at any interval for any data using CS.TIME! (Excel version only*)

✔ Tutorials & support documentation library (over 12,250+ examples)
✔ Dedicated data provider documentation (over 6,000+ pages)
✔ Live chat support and interactive help center
✔ See your subscription quota in real time, no more surprises + one click upgrade from the side panel


=CSPRICE("BTC", "USDT",,"Binance","ASK")
=CSPRICE("BTC", "USD",,"Coinbase","BID")


=CSEXRATE("BTC","USD","1") *Excel only

=CSQUERY("Cryptunit","Earnings Auto")
=CSPARAMETERS("Cryptunit","Earnings Auto")
=CSSYMBOLS('type', 'futures')

... many more (try =CSTAMETADATA() to see over 180+ technical indicators functions)

=CSMETRICS("BTC") *Pro subscription for live data
=CSMETRICS("BTC,BCH") *Pro subscription for live data

📔 Help Center:
📔 Docs Portal:
📔 YouTube:
📔 Medium:
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📔 Excel Version:


(1) Install the Cryptosheets add-on

(2) Open a spreadsheet

(3) Start the Cryptosheets add-on from your add-ons menu by selecting "Launch Sidebar"

(4) Click “Login” at the top of the side panel

(5) If this is the first time you are using Cryptosheets, you will be prompted to register and provide the necessary permissions

(6) Voila, your data is now available via Cryptosheets! You can now modify how the data gets displayed, as well as pull in your favorite endpoints.

TAGS: stocks API, crypto API, graphql API, defi API, bitcoin API, cryptocurrency API, blockchain API, altcoins, bitcoin mining

Integrated providers: 
CoinMarketCap, MercadoBitcoin, Poloniex, Block, Coinigy, CoinLayer, Livecoin, Blockchain, Cryptonator, Nexchange, Zloader, CoinRanking, Coinlore, Coinlib, CoinDesk, ICObench, Binance, BitcoinAverage, Coinbase, CryptoStandardizer, IEX, Bitfinex, Coinpaprika, BitcoinCharts, Coinbase Pro, CoinGecko, WorldCoinIndex, NiceHash, Bitmex, Bittrex, Gemini, CoinAPI, Messari, CryptUnit, WhatToMine, Nomics, CryptoCompare, Paradigm, The Block, Coinmetrics, Cointracking, Shrimpy, CCXT, Chainz, Crypto51, Earn, Etherscan, Ethplorer, OpenFIGI, Cryptowatch, FOAM, Amberdata, Cryptosheets, Bloxy, Bitwise, Kryptocal, Tokeninsight, Kaiko, Flipside Crypto, Huobi, LocalBitcoins, Kraken, Covalent, TokenAnalyst, DeFi Pulse, Compound, Alethio, Decred Data, Kyber Network, LoanScan,, CoinCodex, LedgerX, Deribit, ContractMarketCap,, StableCoinIndex, FTX, DEX.AG, Lunarcrush, dYdX, CryptoQuant, Coinbase Prime, GlassNode, TzStats, Binance Dex, TronScan, 1inch, XRP Ledger, 0xTracker, Radar Relay, Cryptocontrol, Binance US, Coinbase Custody, Smartable Coronavirus API, EOD Historical Data, Bybit, ByteTree, Covidtracking, Bitstamp, Bitflyer, itBit, OKEX, Paraswap, QUME, OmniAPI, Delta Exchange, CoinCodeCap,, 0xAPI, Blocklytics, Blockset, AdaEx, Equos, Paxful, Blockstream, CrossTower, Minerstat, The Graph, Yearn API, QTUM, Infura, IntoTheBlock, Vantage Crypto, Xangle, Iconomi, Blockcypher, Masternodes, IDEX, Uniswap, Coindar, Cryptohopper, KuCoin, DragonGlass, NeoScan, Stellar, TokenView,, Beaconchain, WAVES, Bonfida, OpenSea, Decentraland, GrinMint, Polkascan, TokenLists, Uniswap
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Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
December 1, 2017
This product's first-time install, demo spreadsheet does not work as described, as detailed below by my comments to the installation instructions: 1. Make of copy of the worksheet (Successfully completed) 2. Install the Spreadstreet Google Sheets Add-in (Successfully completed) 3. Follow the instructions and log-in to the add-in (Successfully completed) 4. Formulas in the sheet should update - (FAILURE - As soon as the original demo's primary currency, "DASH" is changed, then the spreadsheet produces a #DIV/0! error, and the message "No data" is displayed. The formulas do not update, and the spreadsheet appears to become permanently damaged; even returning the primary currency to "DASH" does not correct the problem; the "No data" message persists. Essentially, this spreadsheet only can calculate the DASH and USD pair.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
December 18, 2017
So far so good! I had a little trouble getting it up and running, but John responded to my support request within 30 minutes and got me going right away. Excited to see this develop and grow over time.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
March 2, 2018
I got it going after reading through the troubleshooting tips in the user reviews and John Young's responses. Turning off Privacy Badger and then refreshing my copy of the spreadsheet did the trick. Now I am wondering how to trade stocks using these techniques. If only I had the time....Anyway, thanks to John Young for his articles on Medium, his posts on Quora, and this add-on.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
November 1, 2018
I like SpreadStreet and its idea but I try to login to my account and it does not work. I try to recover password and it does not work. I try to contact with support and mail does not work. So I try to contact with John directly but he does not reply. But one thing works - charging my card. I do not know what is going on...
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
December 18, 2017
I'm going to give this 4 out of 5 stars only because there is a paid part to it. 5 out of 5 for the actual use of it though. With that being said, John Young really puts out some AMAZING stuff. These spreadsheets do work, but sometimes like he says they glitch out. What I've found is that sometimes the data takes a few seconds to load so you have to be patient since it's pulling from another site. All in all, he's put together some really cool spreadsheets for us crypto nerds to play with!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
January 7, 2018
I have just started trading altcoins and this spreadsheet has been extremely helpful. It pulls in my Twiiter follow trends as well as some useful data from other apis, and presents the analysis as simple actionable Bull and Bear scores. I stick to the Hour charts as if you are day trading then the day and week scores may not be so helpful as they have passed their time. So far, I have doubled my BTC balance from 0.25 to 0.5 using this spreadsheet, so I can highly recommend it.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
January 9, 2018
Setting up is straight forward and setup is intuitive. John is very willing to help with cryptocurrency tracker as well as even open to suggestions. For example: I have been trading stocks and wondering if this could be applied to it. He jumped on the idea and willing to help but having limited amount of time I have yet to explore that option. Thanks John!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
November 24, 2018
Once you subscribre your login disapear and the charges on the card keep comming, scammer stay away
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
October 28, 2017
Being new to crypto this has been a great tool for me to track all of my investments. Has given me a lot more control in my day trading and a lot more focus in my decision making.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
A User of Cryptosheets
January 25, 2018
I'm giving it 4 star because it took a lot of time to get started, and still I have a lot of questions. First, tell me how to pull max data history. I want to pull 1-min data for 30 days or more.
Is this review helpful?
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