Build interactive diagrams with intuitive UI. You can export result to PNG, JPG or SVG.
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Before you start developing your software, its important to understand the user requirements and plan for
future needs for your database. The most important part of building a database is to specify the keys and
analyzing the relationships between different entities in the database. You can use our diagram software to
begin drawing out the different relationships, the way data should be sorted/arranged and much more.

Benefits of Well Designed Database Diagrams

- Data is sorted correctly into tables and loads quickly
- Easy way to access data
- Ensure data is not duplicated

We have a few database templates you can look at, so that you can see how a typical database diagram might look
like. When creating software, its important to remember the proverb "Measure twice, cut once" as it takes a lot
more time to fix up a poorly designed database.
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Benjamin Walker
April 13, 2022
I really want to like this app ... but there are problems: 1) need to go to the developer's website to create 2) supposedly can save to google drive, but it doesn't save 3) downloaded directly and dragged to google drive, in hopes that I can have a collaborative experience, but when you click on the file in google drive, it prompts for 'download' rather than opening it up in the 'developers website' ... what was the point of connecting the google drive? All this 'google drive app' seems to do is promote the developer's website ... which would work fine if it actually worked with google drive. The whole reason I am using it here is so I can use it with google drive, but it doesn't let me. I might as well be using the developers website directly and ignore google drive, which defeats the purpose of the application being on google drive. Thus, it should receive the lowest rating, not for the product itself, but rather as a google drive app, as it's not even compatible.
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Sunil Kay
January 23, 2022
I wish I had seen these reviews sooner. They are all right. No crows feet is deal breaker - dont call yourself database diagram if you cant do crows feet!
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Adrian Barzola Jupiter
September 25, 2020
It's an external app. You should go to the developer's website to draw your diagrams and then you can save them in your drive's account
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A User of Database Diagram
May 28, 2020
Cannot find any way to either create a new file or open an existing database drawing with this app through Google Drive. Useless.
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