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Complemento de traducción alternativo para Google Sheets. Puede almacenar la clave deepl api en su hoja y utilizarla para mejorar las traducciones privadas.
DeepL for Google Sheets is an unofficial plugin for Google® spreadsheets that allows you to translate any text within a cell into 9 different languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian. 

Although the Google tool currently has a text translation function (GOOGLETRANSLATE), DeepL is an exceptional alternative that generates natural and organic texts from texts in other languages.

Another great advantage of using DeepL is the security of your data, ensuring that translated texts are immediately deleted after the translation is complete and the connection to your servers is encrypted. Therefore, they will not be used for any purpose other than your translation. DeepL is a German company that complies with European GDPR standards.

Important: In order to use this add-on, you must open a DeepL API account that generates a necessary key for you to translate your tables. Without the key, you will not be able to use this add-on. DeepL API accounts are fee-paying and will charge you a minimum monthly fee for character translation. Once the initial limit is exceeded, you will be charged a surcharge for the additional use of translated characters. 

Instructions for use: once you have opened the DeepL API account and installed the add-on, you must follow the steps below:
1. You will be asked for the necessary permissions in your google account to start using it.
2. You will have to enter the API key generated in DeepL in the menu options - see official add-on page for more information -. 
3. You can now use the special function by clicking on a cell in your table and entering the following function:



@text = cell or text to be translated
@lang_origin = two-character original language code. You can leave it blank for automatic detection.
@lang_destination = two-character code of the language into which the text will be translated. To date, it can only be one of the following: "en", "es", "fr", "de", "it", "pt", "pl", "nl" and "ru".

Both the source and target languages can be text values or references to other cells.

Practical example: 

=We are going to translate a portion of the text into English"; "es"; "en");

The author of this tool has no personal or commercial relationship with Google®, Google Sheet® or DeepL®; and therefore does not receive any financial consideration for the use of any of the tools used to create this Google Sheets add-on.

No personal data or DeepL api key is stored outside the personal use spreadsheet in which you use the add-on.

The trademarks mentioned in this description are the respective owners of their trademarks and trade patents, which enables them to deactivate this add-on at any time they believe that their conditions of use have been violated.

The author of this add-on is also not responsible for the improper use that may be given to the tool or damage to sensitive data that may cause by misuse of it.

** The English version of this text that you will see in the description of the add-on in the Chrome store is translated directly with DeepL **.
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Un usuario de Deepl Addon para Hojas de cálculo
24 de enero de 2019
Si la genialidad existiera se suicidaría, ya que desde hoy deberíamos llamar a lo más increíble que miremos "Deepl for Google Sheets", lo siento google, pero te has quedado a los pies con google translate y deepl es nuestro preferido!
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Un usuario de Deepl Addon para Hojas de cálculo
15 de febrero de 2019
muy bueno...
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Angel CY
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